Sunday, December 30, 2007

When the world will be celebrating......

Its the end of yet another year!

Every year comes with a new hope, new resolutions. 'Cause only these things are in our hands! What's actually in store for us only God knows!

This has been a very eventful year internationally.

But let's talk about India.

On the Indian front...

...the stock market boomed

...the rupee value rose

...the Hindi cinema seeing a more realistic approach

...the low budget movies were surprise hits whereas the big budget ones were a disaster!

...Modi's modus operandi was revealed, shocked people, but soon forgotten as people gave him yet another chance!

...Terrorism showed its ugly face in many places!

...Security in Mumbai increased with CCTVs, police at all Railway stations and people getting more alert by the day (or are they?)

...Prices rose and so did Malls, multiplexes and in turn, the economy!

...Four railway tracks finally became a reality on the Virar line

...We had reality talent shows on nearly all TV channels and nearly all channels were churning out singers. Wonder where the present ones will go!

...Himesh transformed from a nasal singer to a Hindi phillum 'hero'

...Abdul Kalam stepped down as the President and made way to the first woman President of India- Pratibha Patil.

...Railways made huge profits and also added a number of 'Garib Raths' (economical trains) and cargo services affecting a lot of truckwallahs!

and a lot lot more.....

Internationally too a lot of events, happenings took place. The US dollar fell, the EURO got stronger... just to name a few. But the year ended with a shocking event in our neighbouring country - Benazir Bhutto was assasinated!

Personally, the year was no good. It was in fact, 'a disaster' disguised as a beautiful dream

But as the New Year 2008 comes closer to us, we all have our share of dreams, hopes and resolutions.

But before that all are preparing for the New Year's Eve tomorrow. Everyone has plans. Some will party, some will go for a late night dinner, some will attend some new year event.

But when the world will be celebrating, we will be working as usual. The usual work hours, the usual work, the usual travel back home! Oh, what it is to be a banker these days! Especially those in Operations!

The Increasing Crowd at Andheri Station

Andheri Station is the most crowded Railway Station in Mumbai - most of the crowd starts and ends there! Thats because there are numerous companies both on the East and the West side. Not only that, Andheri extends right till Chandivli/ Powai on the East side and many companies have their offices there because it turns out cheaper cost-wise!
Commuters on the Western Railway line travelling right from Chakala to Saki Naka to SEEPZ to Chandivli to Powai (on the East side) as well as people going towards Amboli to Versova to Lokhandwala (on the West side), all get off at Andheri Station!
So the situation during peak hours at the station is one hell-of-a-chaos! There's nearly a stampede as all try to run towards the staircase at once as soon as their train halts there! And there are also people trying to get off the stairs at the same time resulting in more chaos!!! And women smartly being alert and keeping men at bay by moving behind each other. There's swearing, screaming and loud words flowing as people try to find their way across the staircase towards the bridge above!
But their woes don't end there. Because the 'ticket checkers' stand there blocking the whole bridge adding to the misery of commuters. Everyone likes an easy job, don't they? I dare them to step into the trains and check the tickets like the earlier times. Because checking on overhead bridges has only increased the number of Second Class ticket holders travelling in First Class. People are so confident that no TC will come to check the tickets that they laugh as if those who buy a First Class tickets are fools!
After you overcome this hurdle and move towards the Eastern side, there is a bigger crowd! Some coming into the station and some moving out! The entire situation on Andheri East station through Andheri-Kurla Road is worse, but thats a different story altogether! Let's concentrate on the problems at Andheri station.
But as of now, we need bigger or more staircases at the station. And no TCs waiting on the bridges and blocking the crowd! Please check tickets inside the trains or right outside the respective compartments and feel the problems of the travellers! Earn your living the tough way, man!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thanks Laloo!

Thanks Laloo for ....

1) The 'New Look' trains with more ventilation and more space..... though they are just a handful now!

2) Increasing the timing of the First Class Ladies boogie from 9.15 pm to 11 pm!

Earlier there was only one Ladies compartment, which was further divided into two, out of which one section was Ladies for 24 hours, whereas the other was Ladies only from 7 am to 9.15pm ! Gone are the days when ladies used to work only from 9 am 5 / 6 pm. Women work same hours in most organisations. And organisations these days have no fixed timings !!!

3) Also increasing the timings of Second Class Ladies boogie adjoining Ladies First Class from 10 pm to 11 pm

This used to create a lot of nuisance for 'working ladies' travelling by train after a hectic and long working day! Many non- regular train travellers (as well as knowing-defaulters) used to stand near the Second Class and used to hop into the adjoining First Class (which itself was half after 9.15 pm) and create a terrible rush! This used to result into a daily fight between the first class ticket holders (who could not enjoy comfort even after 10 pm!) and the stubborn second class commuters! And all this inspite of the fact that there are two more '24 hours' Ladies second class compartments which not so crowded after 10 pm! But everyone looks for convenience as Ladies First Class is always near the staircase on the platform and who wants to walk down to the next boogie?! Damn the law and rules!

This also used to result in a scenario of one section of Ladies First Class becoming 'General Class' after 9.15 pm on one side and the entire Second Class Ladies becoming 'General Class' from 10pm on the other side. And we had men peeking from both sides into a small left-over section of Ladies compartment and passing comments!!!

4) Adding some new trains from Andheri to Virar as well as from Bhayander/Virar to Borivali.

This has helped commuters in a way! Of course, there's still a fight for a train every 5 mins between Virar-Churchgate and back! But for now, this is surely a good beginning! There a was a time when even four lines was a never-ending project!

One more request :
A lot of us take 'first class compartment' passes fearing the crowd on the Virar line by paying 3 to 5 times the price of a general compartment. But there are a lot of defaulters and law-breakers who get into a first class compartment when they see even an inch of space! Please help!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Long time, no post

Long time, no post. Work and life's again keeping me busy. But I did post something on my Girlie blog (check link to the right)

It was a eventful last week with Diwali fervour all around. This week has brought mixed feelings to me. It has brought memories and meetings with old friends. It also brought fun this weekend since all were at home due to the extended weekend due to Diwali holiday. The past week was not only about old memories of childhood, youth, previous work branch etc; it also set me thinking about what the future held for me!

We had a small party on our office terrace on Wednesday (7thNov) in the evening. Even the office was decorated with mini kandeels and usual festive stuff. We had also made rangoli in office like every year. But this time 80% of the staff in our department were new! For them it was their first Diwali in our bank. This was also the first time that I didn't help with the rangoli. It was time to give the younger, fresher staff a chance to feel part of the team. There was a time, when my earlier neighbours from RBI quarters used to approach me to make rangoli at their doorstep since I am at creative art. People adored my work. Its been 5-6 years since we moved to our new place now. Still miss the excitement of that place!

On 8th Nov, we all dressed in Traditional attire in office with females in sarees. This time again I could not wear a saree. Every year I look forward to this one day where I can wear a saree. But due to hectic schedule and so many things on my mind, I couldn't manage to stitch a blouse. And thus I lost the chance to wear a saree. Maybe I'll get many such occasions in the future. But I went in my traditional best in a salwar khameez. Same evening I was called to attend a party filled with games and competitions at my previous Fort branch. I had to complete work at the earliest and rush there. It felt great to meet old friends-cum-colleagues. There were many new faces there too. I was happy and at the same time my mind was saying- 'I am slowly becoming part of the older generation now'. Everthing old has to finally pave path for the new! The return journey with two old colleagues in the train was filled with talk of old times, funny anecdotes from our respective branches, usual office cribbing and sharing some latest events of our lives.

The next day, i.e. 9th Nov, was a bank holiday on account of Diwali. But again there seemed no chance of rest. The morning went in cleaning up my cupboard. I was following what life had been pointing at in the last few days- the old should make way for the new. So I removed my old or unattended clothes and packed them up for giveway to some needy. Unless you clear the old, how will the new come into your life? The same evening I had to attend a good old friend's wedding. And our old group (named SCAMS) was meeting up! And yeah my sister is also part of our group and my youngest bro is also known to all. Don't wonder how someone could marry on Diwali day, coz that someone happens to a Catholic. The meeting of our gang after ages at the wedding was again lots of fun! We unmarried girls were discussing the pros and cons of marriage and being single. We wondered where life would take us from there.

10th Nov was a Saturday and half day for us. The Diwali mood was still on. There was hardly any work at office and we all left early. I wanted to revel in the holiday mood. So I called up my sister in office and decided to meet at a nearby Mall to eat, enjoy and shop! It was fun as we hogged on pizzas, garlic bread and also enjoyed a fun egyptian ride filled with eerie effects! We enjoyed getting little scared like kids! Then we shopped like all girls do!

Sunday was again fun as we had ordered 'Yakhni' (mutton pulao) and later we siblings (my sister and two brothers) went to watch 'Om Shanti Om'. The movie's fun if you enjoy the 'puns' and the projection of the exaggeration in Indian cinema. Most of it is intelligent humor. Not much stress is laid on the storyline. And neither does it have the usual melodrama. All in all, it can be labelled as a spoof on Indian cinema.

Finally its Monday today and everyone in office seemed bored after the fun filled weekend! Luckily today was US holiday on account of Veteran's day and Forex market was closed. So I could leave early again! Tomorrow its back to hard work and dull boring routine!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cute memories

Not only is this picture cute, but it also has cute memories of a sweet place!
The picture is of course clicked by me! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eid wishes!

Finally, its Eid day!

Had a proper breakfast in the day time after a month! The body had got so used to getting up at 4 am for 'sehri', that I woke up suddenly at 4.30 am today even without an alarm ! Then went back to sleep after having water coz everyone was going to get up by 5.30 am.

By namaz, I was very hungry though it was only 8 am coz the body clock had got used to breakfast at pre-dawn!

Now I sit at my PC after lunch donning pretty pink clothes and matching accessories .

Some cousins expected in evening. Tomorrow will be 'our' day. We, siblings, will go for outing as we have all taken a day off!

On the Eve of Eid (13th Oct)

On the eve of EID (13th Oct), I went shopping with my brother for his kurta- chudidaar followed by dinner at Spenta (good restaurant at Singapore Plaza, Mira Rd) at 11 pm. The place and road were filled with people and there was illumination all around. People were shopping for last moment items like matching bangles, cosmetics etc. Apart from that some people were out for essentials for the next day- Milk, meat and stuff. The security near Shams Masjid (the main masjid in Naya Nagar) was tightened in the night, following the Ajmer blast. No vehicles, even bikes were allowed in the surrounding area.

Enjoyed late night dinner with Chinese chicken crispies, chicken fried rice and manchurian and finally with 'kesar kulfi'. Had a heavy meal in ages!

Thankfully, this year Eid day was unanimously agreed as 14th Oct, without any confusion about the sighting the moon (as it happens many times in India)!!!

(Pic : Illuminated Shams masjid)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The essence of Ramzan

Ramzan and Fasting

Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic (Lunar) calendar. ‘Roza’ (Fasting) is one of the 5 pillars of Islam (1). During this month Muslims around the world observe fast for the whole month. Fasting during the day means abstenance from food, water and sex. Apart from this, there are several do's and dont's which validate/ invalidate a fast. Fasting begins before dawn (Fajr) and continues till the break of dawn (Maghrib)

Muslims are ordained to observe fast for 29 or 30 days (depending on the sighting of the moon). Fasting is compulsory for every Muslim. However women in their menstrual periods are free from this obligation.

Essentials of Keeping a Fast (Roza)

1. Sehri

The fasting period starts from an hour before daybreak till after sunset.It starts with a pre-fast meal called 'suhoor' or 'sehri', without which a fast cannot be kept. Getting up during pre-dawn hours and having something (even water, if nothing else) is important in order to observe 'roza'. This is followed by an intention (Niyat) to fast for the day. The intention should be from the heart or could be spoken out aloud. In predominantly Muslim areas, some messengers get up early and move about with mikes or Dufli (a kind of drum) waking up fellow Muslims asking them to get up for 'Sehri'.

2. Iftar

Iftar means breaking the fast with a post dawn meal. Many Muslims break the fast with 'khajoor' (dates) and water before having a proper meal later.

Importance of Ramzan

It was during this month that the Holy Quran, the word of Allah to mankind, was revealed through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), on the night of ‘Lailatul Qadr’.

During the month, Muslims try to read as much of the Qur'an as they can. Some spend part of their day listening to the recitation of the Qur'an. Special night prayers (Taraveeh) are offered in a congregation which include Quranic recitation.

Other Important Acts to be performed during Ramzan

1. Zakat

Ramzan is incomplete without charity. 'Zakat' or wealth tax is the fifth pillar of Islam. Every Muslim whose finances are above a certain specified minimum (7.5 tolas gold or equivalent savings) must pay 2.5 percent of it annually to a deserving fellow being.

2. Fitra

Every Muslim has to pay 'fitra' or a small amount of charity for himself, his wife and children before Eid. This 'fitra' should be around 2.5 kg of wheat or the money equivalent. This ensures that even the poor can join in the joy of Eid by buying clothes and preparing food and sweets.

Several poor families pour in Muslim dominant areas or near mosques to collect zakat or fitra. Apart from that Islamic educational and charity institutions also collect them for their charitable activities.

Lailat-ul- Qadr (Big/ Special Night)

The night on which the Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet Mohammad, known as the Night of Power (Lailat ul-Qadr), is generally taken to be the 27th night of the month, although the exact day it falls on is not properly known. It is believed to be in the last ten days on one of the odd (21st/23rd/25th/27th) nights of Ramzan. Those who wish to seek the blessings of the night spend the entire last ten nights in prayers. Some believe that it is the 27th night and pray for that entire night.

End of Ramzan

The month ends with the sighting of the moon for the next month - 'Shawwal' and is followed by a feast called the 'Eid Ul Fitr' (Ramzan Eid). It is celebrated on the 1st day of Shawwal and marks the end of the fasting month.


1 The five pillars of Islam are : Shahadah (profession of faith), Salah /Namaz (ritual prayer), Zakat (alms tax), Sawm/ Roza (fasting during Ramzan), and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am Back!

Yes, I am Back after a unpredicted and forced absence.

The rains seemed to have hidden my blog in water logging!

My blog missed the quite a few topics due to my PC ditching me without warning -
  • The inauguration of 4 lines between Borivali-Virar line (More trains still awaited- expected in Oct)

  • The rising of the sensex

  • The falling of the dollar compared to the rupee

  • The extended rains

  • The start of Ramzan

  • The winning of the 2020

  • And a lot more......
But there's never a dearth of topics... So keep watching this space for more

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Come, feel the rains!

I came across this pic and it reminded me of the Saturday rains ! Come experience the rains (though virtually- esp those can't enjoy the real thing)!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rains thru our Windows

Yes, like I said earlier, rains pour on Mumbai especially during the weekends! Last weekend we had Stormy Saturday-Sunday and this Saturday we had the rains raging on us, beginning Friday night. Since it was holiday in most offices and half day in others and many parts of financial market were closed, people didn't take much of a chance and preferred to stay back home.

But soon after, they lost touch of what's happening as water levels kept rising up and areas where Reliance Energy provides electricity, were stripped of power (only to be restored late in the night)! No television, no radio, no light (it was cloudy and dull), only the force of the rains provided excitement. And so did the cool breeze!

Though I was at home only, I kept clicking through all our windows and captured many rainy pictures on my mobile.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some Valuable things I've learnt

Don't let someone become a priority in your life
When you are just an option in their life

Relationships work best when balanced

Never explain yourself to anyone

Because the person who likes you, doesn't need it
and the person who dislikes you, won't believe it

We make them cry who care for us
We cry for those who never care for us.
And we care for those who will never cry for us

This is the truth of life, its strange but true.
Once you realise this, its never too late to change.

Time is like a river
You cannot touch the same water twice,
because the flow that has passed will never pass again

Enjoy every moment

Don't make a promise when you are in joy
Don't reply when you are sad.
Don't take a decision when you are angry.

Think twice, Act wise

Stormy Sunday!

Look at these pics taken on Sunday, the 24th June, 2007.... the trees outside our window are more green and lush than the previous pic (in earlier post) taken on the onset of monsoons!

Sunday saw heavy rains and stormy weather with thunder and lightening in and around Mumbai. There was water-logging in many parts of Mumbai. Its was super cool and fun! Suddenly everything was back to normal on Monday. As if the rain also had better things to do than just thunder and light up and cause things to fly in the storm! All that 'dhamaal' was only for the weekend beginning Saturday evening!
From Monday onwards, climate's been changing after every 10 mins, which is bad! Suddenly it rains for a while, suddenly it stops while the weather's still cloudy but very humid causing all to sweat, then suddenly its sunny and hot! And just when you're wondering wat's happening, its cloudy again and a cool breeze is blowing, then the rains.... then again something out of the previous options! But this sort of climate is playing games with people's health as well!
But enjoy the rains while it lasts! And like Dad always says that Mumbai's monsoons are reserved for the weekends.... Its on rare cases when it rains like crazy on a week day!

Understanding Oneself

The picture speaks for itself. Need I say more?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I want to Smile for myself

Smile coz the world wants you to,
Smile coz the world is beautiful too!
Smile coz others don't deserve your pain,
Smile coz sadness makes you insane;
Smile coz people like you that way,
Smile coz there's no other way!

But sometimes the smile wears off
The mask tears off
And tears just roll off !

How long can you pull off a facade?
A facade of hollow laughter
A smile because you hafta*
A mask of a happy face
Those stitches behind the pretty lace?

I want to live life
Not just drift through it.
I want life to move with me
Not me to move with it.

I want to be loved
Not just keeping loving.
I want to be cared for
Not just keep caring.
I want to be understood
Not just keep understanding.

I want to Smile coz life's no strain,
I want to Smile coz there's no pain,
I want to Smile coz of happiness,
I want to Smile coz there's no sadness.

For once I want to smile for myself

*hafta (eng slang/abbreviation for 'have to')

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cool morning!

The cool weather and fresh morning promted my to post this post so early without even brushing my teeth ! (Heh heh) And I should actually be rushing to get ready for office!

The weather's so good that its hard to imagine that a week back we were cursing in the heat. That prompted us to think that the AC was a necessity and not a luxury. So bought one. But it has arrived with the good weather.

Clicked a picture from the window.... fresh green leaves on luscious tress! A treat for the eyes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Without you

The leaves are as green without you;
The birds do sing without you;
The sun does rise,
The moon does shine,
The stars twinkle bright,
Without you.

The rivers aren't dry without you;
The cuckoo doesn't cry without you;
The trains do run,
The buses do ply,
The planes do fly,
Without you.

Without you there's spring,
Without you there's rain.
Without you there's winter,
But not quite the same.

Without you there's lightening,
Without you there's thunder.
Without you its frightening.
And life seems a blunder.

The poet who got lost into banking years ago seems to be awakening back within me

Monday, June 18, 2007

Contrasts - A Ray of Hope

My heart is sad,
But the grass is green.
Around me there's chaos,
But the nature is serene.
My eyes have tears,
But the birds do sing.
I am filled with sorrow,
Yet chirpy is the sparrow!
My mind cries,
I see lovely butterflies.
Within me there's pain,
I want to dance in the rain.
The contrasts of nature,
Bring out unexpected things.
I want to cry,
But I will sing!

I got an idea of this poem as soon as I got up today. Its been playing on my mind whole day in office though I didn't know what words to put into it. Through this poem I only want to tell depressed people that world is beautiful no matter how sad you are! You've only got to feel the beauty within you and smile! Coz things will take their own coarse. So no use crying and shouting hoarse!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wat a waste of time and money!

If JBJ is a movie, then all music video directors are movie directors too! Even the music videos these days have a theme and a storyline attached. But there's no story in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Its just song and dance! And whatever little story is in it, is senseless! And to think it was being compared to SIVAJI !!! All channels and newspapers were speculating on who's the Boss - Amitabh or Rajnikant and wondering whether JBJ or Sivaji will be a bigger hit!

SIVAJI is definately a hit! JBJ doesn't even star Amitabh, so what was the speculation all about? He just appears after every 15- 20 mins in peacock feathers to sing 'Udti udti akhiyon ke'. He's got no dialogue and isn't part of the cast. And people are flocking to see Sivaji-The Boss from across states. Since it's released in Mumbai first, people from other parts of Maharashtra are coming to Mumbai to see the movie. It's releasing on 22nd June in Pune, so true Rajni fans from Pune have booked one day flight tickets to Chennai and back to watch the movie! My Pune khabri (my bro) says that people have even done block booking and selling them off now. And people are ready to pay even Rs 1500 to watch it! Now's thats a superstar and that's what true fans are! And the movie is fultoo masala dhamaal and already a hit. I am tempted to watch it as well. Damn the language barrier!

JBJ songs are a hit, though. And music is cool! Its more like a costume musical. But it can't be called a musical too! I had seen 'The High School Musical' on Disney Channel recently, and I was thrilled. Apart from songs and wonderful dances, it had a sweet storyline and a moral too. But JBJ, naah! I am a music lover and enjoy good music and dance, thats why I could at least sit through the movie, but my colleagues were miffed! And the guys ran before it got over! Only the girls sat till the end! I enjoyed shopping at the Infinity Mall afterwards more than the movie.

Just a glimpse of the story - The film is about liars and glorifies all those who can lie and deceive to win guys and gals! (sic) Both the heroines of the film are Pakistani Muslims living in Britain. The guys are Punjabi mundas living there too! And there are no questions raised about nationality (Indian hindu and Paki muslim?) and religion when these couples fall in love and decide to get married! If only life was so easy!!!

But there's one saving grace of the movie - Lara Dutta ! She looks amazing and makes some sense! I always feel that she's got an Oriental look and appeal. Especially in the way she dresses on screen. Preity acts childish and talkative as usual. Though both look voluptuous and beautiful, Lara wins hands down! If it wasn't for her, the film wouldn't even look half as interesting!

Watch movie at own risk... don't repent later and say I didn't warn!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Garam Zameen Par Thandi Boondein! Whatta relief!

Aakhir iss garm dharti par thandi boondein padh hi gayi !

Har taraf raahat hi raahat hai,

Zameen ko tapti sadkon se raahat.
Insaan ko paseene aur garmi se raahat.
Dhool, mitti aur gandi dhowaan se rahaat,
Raahat mili hai dil ko mitti ki khushboo se,
Raahat mili hai logon ko bimaariyon se.

Pedh par patte hain dhule huey,
Hare bharey aur khushi se khiley huey,
Phool hain khiley gulshan gulshan.
Mausam hua hai dhundla aur maddham.
Kya mit gaye hain saare gham?

Ab kami hai toh sirf chaahat ki.

Baarish mein bheegne ki chaahat,
Bheege mausam mein sulagne ki chaahat.
Barsaat mein ulajne ki chaahat,
Chaahat hai koi aaye barsaat mein.
Aur le jaye apne saath mein!

The above lines might not be some great Urdu poetry. Just a layman's (or call it laywoman's....) straightforward wishes from the heart. Actually, the last two lines were thought differently by me but this blog is visited by family, so made it more 'filmi' and safe (smiles).

Second day at home. But feeling better towards evening, especially with rains and a cooler weather. Not forgetting the medicines.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Global Warming? Temparature's soaring high!

Everything seems to be warming up.... (rather hotting up) these days! The temperatures, including my body temperature. I am down with fever today. My eyes are burning. Now I've got to know what Global Warming actually means!!! When everything within and around you warms up, its nothing but Global Warming. Cudn't think of a better definition than this! :)

But not one to lie down and rest, I am bored already doing so since morning. Life is too short to be wasted is what I feel. Because those who do not get time know its worth. So I got onto the Net since can't go for a walk and do other work. I have so many things on my mind to write about. But I was on a Sabbatical from writing. Too stressed out with travelling (with railway work going on spoiling train schedules leading to more crowds and more travel time!) and also with the heat. Day by day the heat is increasing leading to health hazards. People are falling ill and not reporting to work. Reasons vary. Viral fever. Boils :) Loose motions. And now me. Down with fever and body ache. Even fought with a nice person about a very old issue today. Now feeling bad about it. I guess its not me but the temperature to blame. Health's feeling bad since yesterday afternoon leading to nightmares leading to sudden spoiling of health and non reporting to work today. As of now I can only write this.

But looking at the positive side, I am at home listening to Shivaji-The Boss songs as I type this, sharing sweet moments with Mom and Dad, writing this piece after long! Also we have a long awaited trip to the movies this Saturday after work- Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. And if people think that my sense of humour is wierd, then there are few more wierdos in our dept. And a pretty and jovial new female boss. And when humour meets humour, there's going to be a BLAST! Saturday, here I come!
PS : For those who want to hear SIVAJI songs too- here's the page link :

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I stand corrected- Also read about Mumbai and the neighbouring cities with their Rails

My Dad was going thru my blog and he pointed out a mistake in my MEGA BLOCK post! Okay dearies, the area from beyond Bhayander to Virar is not covered under Thane Municipal Corpn. Only Thane city comes under the Thane Municipal Corpn. Thane city is part of it. Each station in between Bhayander and Virar have a separate Municipality. Like Nallasopara Municipality, Virar Municipality etc. Only Mira-Bhayander have a Municipal Corporation like Mumbai as of now. And it is only second to Mumbai.

He was explaining to me how based of the population of a place and development, an area is given a city status and have a Municipal Corporation to govern it. Places with lesser population and growth than a city, have a Municipality. Mumbai city ends with Dahisar. The station after that is Mira Road followed by Bhayander. There was once a proposal for including Mira Bhayander in the Mumbai Municipal Corpn. That time this was just a Municipality. At that time the areas were fast developing and population was equally growing. So the politicians of these areas thought it wise to give it a Municipal Corpn status before they lose it out to Mumbai ! And that's how matters stand now ! But Mira Bhayander still enjoy the MTNL seva of Mumbai and the telephone area codes are the same as of Mumbai. It forms part of Mumbai local clearing too. Mira and Bhayander can be easily accessed by road from Mumbai. After Bhayander there is a natural boundary in the form of a creek and the areas beyond can only be accessed via a Highway by road. Train is the easiest access there.


While I am on the topic of Mumbai and neighboring cities, let me give you an insight into Thane city and district. And for those who don't know, Thane district is a vast and big district. Thane city is part of it. Mumbai on the western line starts with Churchgate and ends with Dahisar. Places beyond that form part of Thane district including Mira Bhayander.

Thane city is a place (station) on the Central Railway and has a separate Municipal Corpn. This place also comes under Mumbai local clearing for convenience. It has a vast population too and people residing there consider themselves as Mumbaikars too!


People who're still confused, can refer to the diagram for better understanding. The brown lines depict the Western Railway line which starts from Churchgate and ends with Dahisar (last Mumbai station on western line) then goes upto Virar (considered local), then the same line extends to Ahmedabad and beyond (outstation). The red line shows the Central Railway line starting with CST and ending with Mulund (last Mumbai station on central line). It further goes to Pune. Central Railway is further divided into a separate line called Harbour Line (shown in Blue) which starts from CST, then separates and meets the main line at Kurla before separating again. It further crosses the 'Thane creek' beyond Mumbai and goes to Navi Mumbai and finally towards Pune

Check this link for detailed diagram :

Until then, chill

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sugar Free Love!

I saw 'Cheeni Kam' today. And just loved it. It's sweet. It's about Love, spice and all things nice! It's nicely made. It's cute. It's hilarious. And, Tabu just looks ravishing in it!

The story's about a 34 year old girl (Tabu) and a 64 years old Chef (Amitabh) falling in Love. To top it all, the girl's father is just 58 years! That adds to the fun. Finally it leaves a message that love is more important than age and can happen to anyone, anytime! It also tells us that life and death are in God's hand. So, though Amitabh's mother of 85 years (Zohra Sehgal) is still alive and full of life, there's a girl of 10-12 years, who has cancer and can die any moment. Also, though Paresh Rawal is 58 years, he is surrounded with a lot of age related problems, because he feels and acts like an old man. On the other hand, Amitabh is 64 years but young at heart and has no ailments as such and is much fitter than Paresh.

Go watch it. Why? Because me liked it ! But mainly because Indian junta needs a lot of lessons on age. Its only in India and its neighboring countries where so much hype is created over age!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

For those who don't know

Hey, I missed two important and commonly used words while stating meanings. They are 'Inshallah' and 'Mashallah'. Many might be curious to know the meaning of these oft used words.

INSHALLAH : means 'If God wills'.

MASHA'ALLAH : Literally it means 'as Allah has willed'. It is used as an exclamation of delight in the wonders of God. It is used on hearing some good news or about something nice.

More Islamic words/ expressions with meaning can be found out at :


Many Mumbaiites living in the far suburbs are bearing the brunt of 'Mega Block' on the Western Railway Lines. For those who don't know, by 'Mega Block' means the total stopping of train seva between Borivali and Virar and partial stoppage between Goregaon and Borivali between night of 25th May to morning of 28th May.

This is on account of the quadrupling work (four tracks, including to the existing two) between Borivali and Virar. Though this belt is the most congested in the world, at present there are only two railway tracks (up and down) in this belt. Mumbai Railways on the Western Lines is divided into two parts - Churchgate to Borivali and Borivali to Virar. The latter includes a part of Mumbai- Dahisar (Mumbai Municipal Corpn) and Mira-Bhayander (separate and unique Municipal Coprn, though place is part of Thane Dist) and extends beyond to Virar (Thane Municipal Corpn). At present, there are 4 tracks between Churchgate and Borivali belt and only two beyond. Hence the local trains plying beyond Borivali (Virar trains) have to share their tracks with outstation trains too. This results in lesser trains and large gaps between two consecutive trains resulting into overcrowding and congestion.

People in this belt face a big commuting problem. Men even travel atop the trains and even precariously hang out, risking their lives nearly everyday. Many women also travel on one foot or half heels inside the train and half heels outside ! Accidents are common along this belt. People living in these areas have been crying for better train facilities since many years. Their dreams will hopefully be a reality soon! The quadrupling project which began in 1990s was always halted or delayed due to number of reasons like - hutments in the way of the proposed tracks and many other ones!

With population in the Borivali to Virar region rising (reason being rising real estate rates in main Mumbai and people moving for cheaper and bigger flats beyond), the commuting problem worsened. After many strong agitations and signature campaigns and public letters to Laloo, the last one year has finally seen some headway in the Quadrupling project! After that Mumbai has seen a few 'mega blocks' but mostly during the weekends. Still the deadline of December 2006 could not be met. After that the court extended the deadline to 30th June, 2007. After that work speedened up and we've been seeing daily changes at Mira Road station. Its mainly Dahisar, Mira Road and Bhayander where the work had stuck up!

The Ongoing Mega Block which started at 11 pm on 25th May, 2007 and will end at 6 am on 28th May (Mumbaikars start travelling much before 6 am and travel much beyond 11 pm!) is supposed to be the last Mega Block before the completion of the Quadrupling project.

Many Mumbaikars living in far suburbs have taken leave from their offices to avoid inconvenience of travelling. Though BEST bus services are supposed to increase to take the additional burden, a bus cannot accomodate as much as a train does including those travelling atop it! Mumbai travels in trains and when trains halt, Mumbai comes to a halt !

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Meanings of Commonly used words

I hear many people speak and use many words without really understanding their meanings. These words are used commonly by many these days because they have been used in film songs with Urdu lyrics.

Let me explain the meaning of 4 commonly used words/ phrases (whose origin lies in Arabic) :

1. ASSALAAM ALAIKUM : A common greeting among Muslims meaning "Peace be with you" or "Peace be upon you".

This greeting is returned by 'Walaikum assalaam' which means "Peace be upon you too". A simple 'Walaikum' means "same to you"

Extended forms include "Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah" (May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you) and "Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu" (May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you).

The 'salaam' used here is not the same in meaning as its counterpart in Hindi/ Urdu. This is an Arabic word meaning 'Peace'.

2. SUBHAN'ALLAH : means "Perfect Glory is to God (Allah)". It is used as an exclamation of joy or relief after a period of hardship and difficulty. It is also used on seeing a beautiful creation of God.

3. ALHAMDULILLAH : means "Praise to God (Allah)" or "All praise belongs to God". In simple parlance, it means 'Thank God'. Many Muslims commonly use this word after a sneeze !

The Triple Filter Test

During the golden Abbasid period, one of the scholars in Baghdad, the capital of Muslim caliphate at that time, was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem.

One day an acquaintance met the great scholar and said,
"Do you know what I just heard about your friend?
Scholar : Hold on a minute, before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test.

The Man : Triple Filter Test?

Scholar: That's right, before you talk to me about my friend it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say.

Schlolar continued :That's why I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?

The man : No, actually I just heard about it and ...

Scholar : All right, so you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?

The Man : No, on the contrary...

Scholar: So, you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true. You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left:

Scholar continued: The filter of Usefulness.
Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?

The man : No, not really.

Scholar : Well, if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اجْتَنِبُوا كَثِيراً مِّنَ الظَّنِّ إِنَّ بَعْضَ الظَّنِّ إِثْمٌ وَلا تَجَسَّسُوا وَلا يَغْتَب بَّعْضُكُم بَعْضًا أَيُحِبُّ أَحَدُكُمْ أَن يَأْكُلَ لَحْمَ أَخِيهِ مَيْتًا فَكَرِهْتُمُوهُ وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ تَوَّابٌ رَّحِيمٌ

Surah 49 Al-Hujurat Ayah 12

O you who believe! Avoid much suspicions, indeed some suspicions are sins. And spy not, neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting) . And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is the One Who accepts repentance, Most Merciful.

And this applies to all of us before we back bite or spread rumours or gossip about others without verifying facts.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

In search of the perfect person

I was watching a short TV movie on Star One and it left quite an impact on me and maybe on all those who might have watched it.

It holds true for so many of us in search of someone. The story is about a pretty girl, who rejects men citing many reasons and trying to slot them into some category. Finally, she realises that she gets along very well with her office colleague (actually her boss). Her sister and colleagues try their best to make things work between them. The girl in the story, though gets along well with the guy always refuses to accept her feelings for the guy cause he is not perfect in looks. He's fat and short. And she's pretty.

Finally her friends and sister reason out to her that 'love can arrive in any package'. Perfect guys/ gals exist only in romantic novels or movies. There is a difference between 'romance' and 'relationships'. And a perfect relationship is not just about looks. It's about 'getting along'. Some of us just keep waiting for the perfect guy/ gal and our wait goes on all life until we realise that its too late. We don't read about old couples getting cozy in romantic novels, do we? But in reality there are so many successful and happy old couples around us ! Finally the girl realises that she loves the person from within but is afraid of society's acceptance of their match together.

Yes, ain't that true? So many of us keep looking for the perfect guy or gal. Perfect in looks, height, colour, everything. Many pretty gals wait for a tall, dark/fair and handsome prince who is humourous as well as understanding to come along and carry them away. And guys keep looking for a fair, slim, sexy, naughty, educated plus traditional plus good cook plus religious plus blah blah...girl to make their house a home. We set up so many selection parameters for a life partner that in the bargain miss the true love that we come across. And when we wake up, its too late!

Lasting relationships are those with whom you can get along well as a friend, with whom you feel comfortable talking anything with ease, with whom you can laugh without a second thought. A person who can make you smile when you are low. A person who can understand your fears and help them put to rest.

But we keep looking for excitement quotient in a person. And many a times, people pretend to be romantic and sexy with their false talks. And when we choose based on this criteria, we are likely to get disappointed. And finally end up cursing our destinies. If we look for love and emotional compatibility, irrespective of looks and age, excitement follows. It's very rare in the reverse case.

So why do we keep searching and searching for the so called 'perfect person' ?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The benefits of Sujood (Sajda or Prostration)

I came across this article in my mail and thought of sharing the same with all.

Treatment for your Illnesses by doing Sujood

Sujood is elixir of Healthy life (Prostration)

  • If you are suffering from exhaustion or tension or permanent headache or nervousness and if you are afraid of tumors, so all you have to do is Sujood.

  • Sujood frees you from your psychological and nerves illnesses.

The latest result of a scientific study by Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed, Professor of Biological Sciences and Head of Food Radiation Department in Radiation Technology Center :

  • It is a common knowledge that a human being is exposed to extra waves of radiation and lives, in most cases, in the middle of electromagnetic fields which affects the cells and increase energy.

  • So, as stated by Dr. Diaa, Sujood frees the body from the extra waves that cause many diseases.
Communication between cells

  • It is a kind of a reaction between the cells. It helps the human being to feel the outer space and react with it.

  • Any increase in the electromagnetic waves to which the body is exposed, causes disruption in the cells and consequently the human being is infected by what is called the diseases of the era; such as headaches, muscles pain, neck pain, exhaustion in addition to forgetting things and non concentration.

  • This matter gets worse if the waves are too much and being blocked in the body. In that case, it causes cancer tumors and distortion of fetuses.

  • We have to get rid of these waves out of the body without taking medicines and tranquilizers and their bad side effects.
The Solution

  • There has to be an earthling’s connection to free these extra waves and this is to be done by Sujood to ALLAH Almighty, as we are ordered. This process is done by connecting the forehead to the floor.

  • In Sujood, the negative waves move from the body to the floor which is a negative pole. Consequently, the emptying process happens specially if you done the Sujood by your seven members (forehead, nose, hands, knees and feet).
Peculiar information :

  • The studies showed that, in order to empty the waves, you have to face Mecca in your Sujood. That is what we are all doing in our prayer (Quibla).

  • That is because Mecca is the centre of the Earth.

  • The studies revealed that Mecca is the best direction to free these waves because of facing the centre of the Earth which is effective in freeing the human being from his grieves to feel peacefulness afterwards.

Gajalee ! Joint for fish lovers!

If you're a sea food lover, then 'Gajalee' is the place for you. I discovered it some 2 years back when one of our office colleagues suggested the same for the department's dinner after many months of long toiling in office. It was at Marol and close to our office. On reaching there, I realised that the place was a 'fish and seafood lover's delight'.

They actually show the fresh fish and the live prawns and crabs (tho' I don't eat crabs myself) before being cooked. The place at Marol is not as big and was told by my colleague that the main place is at Vile Parle. Later I had a chance to discover that place with a friend of mine and I loved the place. The place at Vile Parle is much bigger and better. The service is good. Recently I'd been there again but during non dinner hours, thats why I found it much empty. They also have several types of Indian breads to go with it like - Ghavne, Amboli and the usual tandoor rotis apart from chapatis. You can choose from fish and prawn masalas to their fried versions. You even have the fish and prawn biryanis to choose from. I had tried the 'bangda fry' this time since we dish out lovely bangda delicacies. But found the flavour missing there. But all in all its a good joint with good sea food.

I'd been to Mahesh Sea Food long long back at Fort. And its very crowded during lunch hours. Never got a chance to go there again. And when one compares the two, I would give more marks to Mahesh for their distinct Konkan flavour. Its more Goan and closer to what we cook at home.

Pic : Shows a staff at Gajalee (Vile Parle) holding live crab and tiger prawns alongwith a promfret (dead of course!)