Thursday, February 27, 2014

A new personal anthem

I just loved this video.
Its a song of hope. And gives you strength.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Yahoomail goes Valentine!~

Hey friends,

I happened to see the pumping heart near compose on yahoo mail today. Clicked it and was amused.

On clicking on the heart, you are led to Autocompose, wherein you are helped with composing a love message. There are 3 categories below : Crazy in Love, Friendly Love, Outta Love (for the broken hearts)

When you select a category and click on autocompose, a cute message pops up. You can keep selecting. Every time you click on a category and autocompose, a new message is drafted. You can select the one which is apt for you and send to your sweetheart (if you have one), friends, family just for the sake of some fun. Kinda cute.

Some examples of the love emails composed by Autoemail.


Dear cutie-patootie,

Your love is like a warm breeze. From the moment I set eyes on your angelic face, I knew I would love you forever. You're seriously everything. I would give up chocolate forever in exchange for five more minutes with you. 

Hubba hubba,

To my snookums,

You deserve every compliment that has ever been spoken. I feel sorry for those who do not know the life-changing love we share. You are more fragrant than a field of wildflowers. Wild horses couldn't drag me away. 

With all my heart and mind and soul and dreams,


Dear sugar cookie,

Your love is like a warm breeze. Your beauty stops me in my tracks. You are a work of art to behold. When we are apart, I am lost without hope. Your love is my north star, guiding me to true happiness. 

With all my heart and mind and soul and dreams,


To my snookums,

Your hair glistens like fresh morning dew. I can scarcely believe my fortune to have found someone so divinely unique. I could not possibly love another with even a fraction of the affection I feel for you. Your inner light could illuminate the darkest night. 

Vroom vroom,


Dear sugar cookie,

You make me feel as though I could fly. Without your love, I would shrivel up and blow away. You are simply luminous; a goddess among women. Your inner light could illuminate the darkest night. 

Lovesick and dizzy with anticipation,


To my talented friend,

Remember that one time we did that fun thing? That was my favorite day. You know, I've never seen you litter! Not once! I hope that the world sends you all the love that you deserve today. Basically, everyone should strive to be more like you. 

With love and friendship


To someone fairly special,

Remember that one time we did that fun thing? That was my favorite day. You're the smartest, most original person I know. You're really good at doing math in your head, and I admire that. You have the heart of an adorable puppy. 

With admiration,


To someone who's over it,

Why does it always rain on me? Have you ever noticed that cupid rhymes with stupid? Someone should tell those kissing couples that it's flu season. You look like I need a hug. 

Love?! Pshhhht.


Dear Sir,

Enough is enough. I'm on the side of love's highway, as the world speeds by. There is no shame in a romantic dinner for one. Ugh, what was this email about? I got so bored I forgot. 

I want a refund,


To my like-minded friend,

Enough is enough. The tires of my lovemobile are flat. I'm mostly just bummed that nobody will be giving me an adorable puppy wearing a red bow (hint, hint). Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? 

Blah, blah, blah,