Monday, October 19, 2009

A dot, a stain and a blotch!

Bhala uska voting dot itna hot kaise?
Everyone seems to have forgotten about the elections which happened in Maharashtra on 13th October in the Diwali revelry.
This time the picture was slightly better than the Lok Sabha elections. The idea of keeping malls and restaurants and many public places closed in the morning seemed to have some effect. Also, the officers of the election commission making surprise checks on offices which were open was a good idea!
My youngest brother who's working and studying in Pune came to Mumbai to vote (as he did last time too). And so did my sister (who's married and stays not so far away) joined us. So it was like a family get-together. We three went to vote. My Dad had to go for his monthly review to the hospital and could not join us. And my Mom went in the evening with my other brother.
The trio visit in the morning was fun. We voted with a 'beep' and were happy with the way the lady at the booth applied the election ink. My brother got a call from his colleague as soon as he stepped out, so his ink blotched. When he realised that, he tried to mend it by wiping some of it with his right hand fingers. And you can imagine what it might have resulted in ! Stains on both right hand fingers too!!! I was happy with the cute dot. But I guess, I was happy too soon. In teasing my brother, my finger rubbed against the lock of hair which I was trying to put in place. So my ink turned into 'comet' shape. A dot with a tail.
My sister was smiling still. Because seeing us, she became extra careful. And kept her hand straight till it dried into a neat dot (check the pic) making us green with envy!
We three then went for lunch at a nearby restaurant before returning home.
Amination courtesy : Graphics on Samsung Star

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The case of the missing seats!

Above : Seat 1
Below : Seat 2

This is a glimpse of Ladies First Class Compartment one mid afternoon!

It was captured almost a month back (in mid September) on my way to Asian Heart Institute, Bandra from Mira Road to see my Dad. I got a shock as I got into the Churchgate bound train. You could see one seat missing as soon as you got in. The shock doubled when I went to sit on the adjacent seat. The seat on the opposite side was missing too! So, two seats (situated diagonally) were missing in a single compartment!

One lady called someone in the Railways and informed them when the train was about to reach Andheri. But nothing happened. My mind was preoccupied with what was happening at the hospital as my Dad was in ICU after his coronary bypass surgery. I got down at Bandra.

Almost a fortnight later I again saw a missing seat in the Virar train while returning from office in the evening from Mumbai Central. This time around, only one seat was missing and the train was crowded.

Where did the seats disappear? Did it serve as a bed for someone or land up as seats on a autorickshaw?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Wake Up, Sid !

Watching the movie brought a breath of fresh air! And alongwith it, it brought sweet memories of college days (though it was not about partying and did not involve bunking) and life thereafter.

Memories of HR College. Friends. Life after college; the struggle to get a job; adjusting to life after studies; taking up responsibilities. All this from ‘Sid side’ of the movie.

More memories - Standing on own feet, being independent, making a name. All this from ‘Aisha Banerjee’s’ side.

The movie touched chords in more ways than one. The scenes from my college- HR; the dreams of Aisha; creativity. Though college ended almost 10 years back, the last 6 years of my life disappeared working day-night and being cut off from the world and friends. So all seems like a few years back (since I am back to living since the past 3 months).

All in all, I liked the movie. It wasn’t the typical movie, yet there was no dull moment. Konkona Sen Sharma as usual was brilliant. Only I felt that her character was in continuation of her role in LUCK BY CHANCE. Only this time the guy isn’t mean. But a sweet kid ! Apart from that, the movie has a message for students in the final year of their studies. No villains, thankfully. And no dramas! It’s a simple, fresh movie which leaves a nice feeling as you walk out. Go watch!

All the best, Ayan Mukherjee (he’s only 25 years, I’ve heard)! Waiting to see more light and sweet movies from your side

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