Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How I celebrated Republic Day

This time I'd thought of doing something Indian on Republic Day. These days 26th January has turned out to be 'just another holiday' for many people. Thats because life's so hectic. People work for 10 -12 hours in India with no time for themselves, their families, their hobbies.

Life's been taking me away from all things that I like and I am left doing all those things which don't really excite me! This is creating a lot of resentment within me. Hey, this is not what I was supposed to write........ Oh, yeah.... I wanted to do something which I like to do and get into the flavour of India on Republic Day. I'd resolved to get up early and go for flag hoisting ceremony in our bldg compound. I wanted to wear something very Indian and display a small Indian flag on attire. With dreams in my eyes, I went to sleep... my throat was feeling a little scratchy when my eyes closed for the day.

Yawn ! There goes the alarm ! I am supposed to get up, pray then go for flag hoisting! But heck, my throat, my face.... it feels swollen. My chest is filled with cough. My body's warm. I need rest. I will get up by 8.00 am at least and make it by 9.00 pm for the flag hoisting. I close my eyes.

I am awake yet not awake. Okay, enough. I gotta be out of bed. My resolution gotta be met. I am a strong girl. I get up but I am half ill. I am feeling low, so I'd better wear something to hide me, not highlight me! My Dad, who's organising the stuff was already down. My Mom was excited and wanted to be a female Santa. So she went with a bag full of chocolates to distribute to kids!

I get into a normal casual salwar-khameez and dash down with my sister by 9.30 am. Hey, the flag hoisting and speeches just got over. People were having snacks now. Mom looked excited with kids flocking to her! I nudge my sister to act normal and go for a morning walk just to show we weren't the last to arrive and our aim was much more than this. So we go for a walk...... and return quickly. We pick up some goodies on the way for breakfast!

I am already low by the time I come back home. I am getting the flu. I'd better rest. So wat if I couldn't watch the tri colour being hoisted. I still have the whole day. There might be programs at places which I can be part of. Telling my Mom not to cook nor expect me to, we decide to order from outside so that I can be free to go out!

I finally get into my khadis late afternoon though the cold is getting to me now. I'd picked up a pure cotton brownish skirt and a yellow khadish cotton kurti. And I wanted to wear it coz nothing cud be more Indian than this! And a brown stole over it. Perfect! My sister doesn't seem to like it! But I always like to look different every time and this one gave me an artistic feel!

So off we went to Raghuleela, the Mall which is nearby. Actually there's a place called Village there, which is based on the theme of Indian villages. Had heard a lot about it. We thought of checking that out. There you can enjoy the feel of Indian culture and even apply mehndi (henna). Today was the perfect day, we thought, to get the feel of India.

We shopped a bit. Downed a cup of coffee to keep my cold in check. We asked on the 1st floor for Village. Finally we figured out that it was a restaurant, where food was served Indian style. There is an Indian village ambience and some cultural show is also held. We went there only to know that you pay a lumpsum amount at the entrance and have unlimited access to food and programmes inside. But if food was the main thing, then we were in no mood to eat. Especially with my cold and it was too early in the evening for a heavy meal. So we thought of checking that out on a later day, when my youngest brother was in Mumbai (he works and studies in Pune). He's a foodie and good company.

We shopped for a few cards also and decided to call it a day. I smelled coffee again. I decided to go for a Cafe Mocha before moving out. The weather was affecting me more. And I needed another hot aromatic coffee.

Finally we were out of Raghuleela with a coffee in my hand.... homewards bound.... It was late evening.... surely this was not 'just another Republic Day' though it was not exactly the way to celebrate it. Anyways, I had the feeling in my heart. That's more important and hence why I ventured out inspite of bad health. Its a different story that in the night I had high fever due to overstress and the following days were hectic in office and I couldn't take a day off inspite of cold and fever.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I wanna be a Good Blogger

Hey, everyone seems to be having good blogs and updating the same everyday. Mine looks so dull and thakela. And to think there was a time I just wrote a lot ! And seeing the stuff I am updating my blog with, people who know me well since years wouldn't be too happy. Of course, they have better expectations from me.

But I am not to be blamed, yaar. I access the net only from home. And I am hardly at home. Just in office. Leave home at 8.30 am and back at 10.00 pm / 10.30 pm or later.

Who has time these days? And I try to fit in some religious activities into that. Prayers, thats what I need these days!

But I seriously need to get back to my hobbies - reading, writing, painting, sketching, singing.... Life seemed so nice when I used to do all that. Now life's just Me and my Job! Also need a special someone to come back home to! I am not so bad looking, am I? Then wats the prob? Maybe, destiny .... (Not too comfortable posting my snap, hence the watercolour effect)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wats Better?

When we slog in office and sit very late at times, the married people grumble and say that they're surely in for a divorce! And what about people who'll never be married if they devote their whole time to work is wat me says !
Its better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all !!!
When married people work hard and sit back late, they're sacrificing and when unmarried people do the same, its like 'So wat?'!!!
Life's not fair !

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The world at my feet


Bas itna sa khwaab hai!

I really like this pic I took with my sister's W700i mobile at Pune on 29th Oct, 2006. I consider it a piece of art, though amateurish !

heh heh ...

My Evening Out

Saturday evening our department (only exports section) went out for bowling and dinner at Fame Raghuleela (Kandivli). It was the send-off party of two colleagues from our team- Bhavika and Sharmila. Also 4 more had some other reasons to contribute of the party- 2 getting married, one for his promotion, one for becoming a father. For me it was an evening out with a big gang after a long time. It was fun time with 4 colleagues getting along their spouses and three of them coming with kids in tow! Thankfully none of the kids were the crying kinds. All of them were full of smiles and sweet gurgles! Mmuuuaaaaaaaaahhh to them!
Finished our work by 4.00 pm (saturdays are half days for us!) and assembled at venue 6.00 pm, some directly and some home and came.
We had booked two bowling alleys for a certain fixed time and bowled our hearts out. I had always wanted to but never got to somehow. I missed many shots but finally got two of them right! All down !!! But the florescent balls are the lighter weight ones and good for girls. Others weigh like big stones.
Then checked a few shops and finally dinner-unlimited Gujarati Thali at a place called Kalash. Good stuff! But you have to try each item once and then ask for more so that you can try them all ! And while trying gujarati food, be careful to say 'no' , 'stop' at the right time, because spoonfuls of ghee are always ready to be thrown in after every item like 'roti', 'dal baata', 'khichdi'... u name it and ghee's there! And a little bit of sweet flavour lingers from Dal to raita to bhaji.... Like mummy always says ' Jeetey raho, ghee shakkar khatey raho!' :-)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wats happening????

We are more worried what's happening in other parts of the world and never fail to highlight terrorism by giving it an Islamic lining, but fail to even take up the issue of terrorism in North East which has been going on since ages !!! And that too, killing one's own countrymen just because they belong to a different region !!! Is this justice ?

Its funny how we are interested in the Kashmir issue because votes can be earned there by making it a religious issue from either religion side, but though the problem in Assam is as old, we ignore it as if it does not exist. Or do we not acknowledge the presence of entire North east region at all? I've been to that region while my Dad was posted there for a while. The military and their checking of private vehicles and places is part of people's lives there. But we never even talk about it. Because there's no political issue there !

Another question- Why do we always target the poor biharis? Treating them as sub standard people. They are the ones who go to any part of the world and do any work for survival. And as far as I know, working hard for a living is not a crime ! And so is migrating for work! Don't we go to UK, US and other countries to earn a living?

Two Options

In life, there are two options available to do things - One is : What one ought to do !(thats doing things expected of you... in short, following the mind) and option Two is : What one really wants to do ! (wat your heart really wills from within !)

Half my life I've only done things I ought to do. The rest half I want to live doing things I really want to do !

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Its ur turn next !

All the corrupt politicians of India, beware! Bush might try you next !!! And who knows, u might be hanged too !