Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Evening Out

Saturday evening our department (only exports section) went out for bowling and dinner at Fame Raghuleela (Kandivli). It was the send-off party of two colleagues from our team- Bhavika and Sharmila. Also 4 more had some other reasons to contribute of the party- 2 getting married, one for his promotion, one for becoming a father. For me it was an evening out with a big gang after a long time. It was fun time with 4 colleagues getting along their spouses and three of them coming with kids in tow! Thankfully none of the kids were the crying kinds. All of them were full of smiles and sweet gurgles! Mmuuuaaaaaaaaahhh to them!
Finished our work by 4.00 pm (saturdays are half days for us!) and assembled at venue 6.00 pm, some directly and some home and came.
We had booked two bowling alleys for a certain fixed time and bowled our hearts out. I had always wanted to but never got to somehow. I missed many shots but finally got two of them right! All down !!! But the florescent balls are the lighter weight ones and good for girls. Others weigh like big stones.
Then checked a few shops and finally dinner-unlimited Gujarati Thali at a place called Kalash. Good stuff! But you have to try each item once and then ask for more so that you can try them all ! And while trying gujarati food, be careful to say 'no' , 'stop' at the right time, because spoonfuls of ghee are always ready to be thrown in after every item like 'roti', 'dal baata', 'khichdi'... u name it and ghee's there! And a little bit of sweet flavour lingers from Dal to raita to bhaji.... Like mummy always says ' Jeetey raho, ghee shakkar khatey raho!' :-)

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