Monday, September 05, 2011

BODYGUARD - An emotional review

Watching BODYGUARD is a learning or touching experience if you see it that way (forget the weak screenplay)... Watch it if you are an emotional person. What I learnt from the movie:

1) Many people play with people's emotions through internet, by hiding their own details/ identity, including fotos n face and talking of romance. Finally they may / may not reveal their identity in the end for genuine or fake reasons. But if one of them is sincere n genuine, he /she often keeps waiting n ends up hurt.

2) Salman's character shows so much sincerity and loyalty towards his duty and any and everything he does in life - even love. It touches your heart. Its rare to find such people in life. So if you find them, don't let them go... tomorrow you might repent.

His role in the movie reminded me of his character in Bandhan, where he is totally dedicated to his sister and accompanies her to her husband's house as part of her dowry since childhood.

3) No matter how rich and influential a person or how beautiful his daughter, if the girl does not find a groom at the right age and remains unmarried, her father's situation over the period of time changes from asking someone if he can marry his daughter TO asking any person if he can accept ('apnana') his daughter. N then too his tongue falters. It makes you cry. N this is so true in Asian society where at every step a girl is questioned for her remaining unmarried for no fault of hers.

4) The little boy's guilt on behalf of his mother is also quite touching. He wants to rectify his mother's fault and yet does not want others to know about it. It melts your heart.

5) And as Salman Khan proves- we love people because of what they are and their qualities and their love for us, and not because of their appearance or age or any other factor.

All of these things have left a deep mark on me and left me thinking and wondering and emotional too. In all, I found the movie sweet and helped me sort certain things/ doubts / people in life.

Kareena's clothes are excellent. It brings the long kurta back in fashion teamed with various combos - jeans, patiala salwar, harem pants and a simple salwar..

(The foto here is from a very touching scene from the movie where Salman does not even know who he is talking to!)