Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stop Hate. Spread Love.

Being born and brought up in a multi diverse country, till few years back I never even saw people from religion point of view. We went to school and college and had friends from all communities and liked to learn about their food and culture. Never once looked at people with religious glasses. Accepted them for who they are. Religion was a personal thing. And outside of my house, it was just a name. It meant a person with different beliefs. The only thing that really was evident was different language and different culture of various states. Suddenly, the hate mongers are creating so many differences and giving everything a religious fervour. 

Until now we saw criminals are criminals, terrorists as terrorists, good people as good people. Now anything happens we classify them. One name of person from targeted religion comes up, the hate spreaders will isolate it and circulate and recirculate the news. 10 names of any other comes up, then it's like they are majority so their name will pop up somewhere. You won't find foreigners committing crimes here kinda attitude. Hatred spreading has gone so far now that in Indian media also we are showing what's happening in another country also with a religious tinge. The other day I saw a news about a marks goof up in Egypt. How Indian media (some of which is controlled by some group through some company) shows such an irrelevant internal news of a country? A bright Christian girl fails because of being a non Muslim in Egypt or some crap to that effect! The people who had commented below the article had probably read the entire news and were quick to clarify that it was a goof up which was rectified. Everything we are see from religious angle? Follow your faiths. But at work and in society you are just an Indian. 

I had vowed a year n half back that in Office or in public places, I will never discuss religion or politics. When a discussion comes up, I go some other way or ignore or get busy with something else. I am entitled to my opinions and it's not necessary that I share with all unless they're friends or family. Eventually many discussions lead to fights. Because many people do not understand 'right to opinion' nor are accepting of others' opinion. We are not good debaters. We expect to say and then shut our ears to others points of view.

Stop hatred, spread love.

An Honest Doctor

Hey, it's hard to come by honest and humble doctors. One such is Dr Siddhesh Shirke. He is my new dentist. He will never tell you to go for any extra treatment or implant just like that. He will try to save the teeth, even it means by a fluoride filling. He charges so little saying honestly that he just did a little filling. I feel embarrassed to pay him that much. A little part of my teeth broke some days back, after my last filling and today I went to tell him that. And he charged me nothing at all, thinking that the part of the filling fell off. I tried to tell him that it's another part of the same tooth. But he insisted that for a pinch of fluoride and minor job, it was not necessary to pay. I was too embarrassed and left saying 'Thank You'.

I know of other dentists, who will try to make a little cavity sound like a crater and advise you to go for metallic filling. In the bargain, they will make the cavity bigger so that soon you will go back to them after few months for root canal and eventually they will end up putting an dental implant there and finally a cap. It's like they say in Hindi, 'topi lagaya', means he made a fool out of you. 'Topi lagaya' literally translated means 'to put a cap'.

Marathi people are quite sincere and honest and I have a special respect for them.

I recommend Smita Dental Clinic for your dental woes, if you happen to be living near Mira Road.