Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sheldon, oh Sheldon!

Last year I attended my first Comicon in Mumbai. They've just arrived in India a couple of years back. I was sooo fascinated by this Sheldon figurine. I kept coming back to the stall where it was kept, to check. Finally gave up on it as I had other things identified to pick -Sherlock poster, comic coaster, spoof superhero desk calendar and Tintin digest. 

While talking about Sheldon, I feel it's actually because of him and Penny that 'The Big Bang Theory' works. Sheldon plays his part perfectly and Penny is effortless.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I've discovered this new dabba/ Tiffin service called Yummy Tiffin. Got so bored with my previous tiffin service, which served me for 3 years. Does healthy have to be boring? Sometimes taste weird too? Agree, I did get pleasant surprises as well. But some of them look good and packaged so well, everyone in office drools over it while you know how it tastes. 

Starting the new dabba on trial basis for five days. They have an online wallet system where you fill it with an amount and then choose fixed meals from types or customise it on daily basis. One month's menu is posted in advance. I've chosen food I'd never tasted before like mayo sprout sandwich, Mexican minestrone, Bengali style bhindi with a difficult name and much more... I hope they taste as good. They're cheaper than my previous health food provider. And no paying dabba wala separately. It's their headache. And no money wasted on food you don't want to eat. Another good thing is that I don't have to tell them 'No Tindli' 'No capsicum'. These are marathi dishes I do not like. Capsicum is good as accompaniment or as a flavour. Never as a bhaji by itself! While tindli is good for pickling.