Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life and lemons (on a lighter note!)

When life gives you a lemon, please don't stop to make lemonades, as many would advise you. Unless you want to become nimbu paani or nimbu soda wala. wink emoticon

You can use it in your curry, salads, or for tan removal too!

Btw, tell me how life hands out lemons to you, anyway. If lemons are meant to denote types of experiences, I've heard of sweet and the bitter ones. What's a tangy one?! Tangy sounds good though. Then what's the proverb supposed to mean?

Friday, May 13, 2016


If you are a Mumbaikar or staying around Mumbai, and are a student or have students in the house and looking for a learning workshop for your kids before the summer vacations end, this is the best place you can tell the young ones in your house to be at.

There is a workshop on Communication, Creativity and Cyber Safety on May 28, 2016 at Comet Media Foundation, 301, Meher House, 15, Cowasjee Patel Street, Fort, Mumbai (5 mins walk from Churchgate station) from 2 pm to 7 pm.

The workshop is being organised by Intellifox Designs and Supersonic Aero Modelers. And being supported by Responsible Netism group.

Events :
Intellifox Designs will do a presentation on social etiquette and communication.

Supersonic Aero Modelers will teach you about Aeromodeling and basics of aerodynamics and possibilities of making it a career. Followed by some activities.

Responsible Netism, a group under the Ahaan Foundation will be there to educate you regarding advantages and disadvantages of digitalization and how to be cautious and responsible on the net. They work in coordination with Mumbai and Thane Cyber cell and will guide you on how to tackle cyber-crimes.

Apart from above, we have a panel of experienced people ranging from bankers to software professional to medical to training to social work, who will be ready to answer questions regarding their professions and how to make a career in those professions.

Plus there will be stalls with educational, creative and fun materials.

And a chance to network. Tea and snacks will be provided in break.

All this at no cost. Just Rs. 300/- to cover expenses. Don't miss this opportunity.

Limited seats only. 
Register now.
URL to register :

Be there!

Hands on the hips!

I disagree with Amy Cuddy's 'hand on hips' being a power posture to give you confidence and excel.

I'd advise her to come to India and understand that it is considered a posture of the unsophisticated. You find many standing like that in many places. Men. Women. Not because they're confident and ready to take on the world, but because they do not know any proper way of standing. They do not know to keep their feet close to each other and what to do with their hands. That's the only way their know to stand.

And in a country like India where there are lots of people and market places are overcrowded, imagine if each one displays 'power posture', what would happen! A few people standing like that is a nuisance, anyway. While others might disagree and think it's still a sign of power, I personally find it very annoying. If it's a lady, I sometimes lightly tap their elbow if they are blocking the way, standing like that!