Friday, May 13, 2016

Hands on the hips!

I disagree with Amy Cuddy's 'hand on hips' being a power posture to give you confidence and excel.

I'd advise her to come to India and understand that it is considered a posture of the unsophisticated. You find many standing like that in many places. Men. Women. Not because they're confident and ready to take on the world, but because they do not know any proper way of standing. They do not know to keep their feet close to each other and what to do with their hands. That's the only way their know to stand.

And in a country like India where there are lots of people and market places are overcrowded, imagine if each one displays 'power posture', what would happen! A few people standing like that is a nuisance, anyway. While others might disagree and think it's still a sign of power, I personally find it very annoying. If it's a lady, I sometimes lightly tap their elbow if they are blocking the way, standing like that!

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