Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Chance ?

Monica Bedi is on Bigg Boss. Everyone knows that she was close to Abu Salem and enjoyed the attention while the going was good. She was quite mature while she got herself into this mess. She was in Portugal jail and later in Bhopal jail for forged passports and for being a Salem aide. She might be repenting now. And wants to join the scattered pieces of her life and come back to limelight. And what a better chance than being on Bigg Boss? She's getting sympathy from several quarters. People seem to be forgetting her past and forgiving her. And giving her another chance. Good for her and her future. But would the same people give another chance to her if she was a Farida or Sana or another muslim girl?

Music banned from Vehicles ?

I was shocked to hear on radio today that Mumbai Traffic Police has banned Music from moving Vehicles ? And the logic provided by an official was that the listening to music diverts the concentration of the driver from driving to listening to music, thereby causing accidents on roads. They had no statistics to prove the fact. The RJ, Malishka, kept asking the official what was the logic behind coming up with such a law all of a sudden, to which we were informed that the law already existed but was being seriously implemented only lately. She reasoned that it was understood if someone was playing music loudly and causing nuisance to others, but this ban was ridiculous. 'Is it allowed at signals?' 'Yes', replied the official. 'Only not allowed in moving vehicles'. How stupid. 'How will you confirm if music is being played?', the RJ asked. 'Woh toh pata chalta hai na'. Another dumb reply. 'Was this a way of earning money by way of bribe, now that Diwali is round the corner', she finally asked in Hindi. The official kept quiet and justified his stand.

I was wondering - with growing traffic in Mumbai, which moves at snail's pace at peak hours and no good public transportation infrastructure in sight, playing music comes to the rescue. Else road rage with be a common sight. At least these music stations or songs keep your mood pleasant.

I tuned in to another radio channel, where another RJ Jeeturaaj brought up the topic but in a much diplomatic way. 'From where do you think the rumour of music being banned in moving vehicles started?' I dunno if he was asking the question to the same official. But if he was the same, he was smarter this time. He clarified that only loud music which caused nuisance to other pedestrains and commuters was banned. One could play music at a low/ medium volume. Now that was indeed a relief!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Hey, some of us just to save a few rupees on CDs/ DVDs, go on and download entire movies, serials from the Net. And Indian net service providers do not provide us the speed wherein we can download entire movies in a matter of minutes. So we have to keep the download on for an entire night or maybe more for doing so. And while doing so, we do not realize that we are spending electricity worth a few rupees more or maybe equivalent to the price of the CD. And in addition to that, we are also wasting energy (electricity) and also adding to global warming.

So guys, think don’t just be penny wise. Be pound wise too !

Down with Fever

No posts since long since I was down with viral fever ! : (

Also working on starting my own website. Cool na? Will let u on the details soon enough.