Monday, April 10, 2017

Starting a new blog...

Friends, I am going to start a new blog soon. It will be as my journey as an image consultant. Keep watching this space for new announcement.

A Professional Dilemma

As I plan to be an independent entrepreneur (that's been on my mind since 2 years now), the Question that comes to my mind is : FEMA Consultant or Image Consultant? 

With so many years in Foreign Trade and now in Foreign Investments and liaising with RBI on regular basis, the first option always seems more appropriate. In fact, advising so many bank's customers, their consultants/ CAs daily as well as other branches of bank, this seems so very apt. Recently someone even advised me on those lines.

However, I am tired of finance in everything, regulations to refer day in and out. And my creativity has been on hold for too long (gave up painting since banking and haven't sketched in a long time). And Image Management and Training with all the Social Media marketing bit has intrigued me for a while now. And I am glad I completed the Image Management course at ICBI.

However, after a thought, I've realised that I am open to both. ODI (Overseas Direct Investments) is one of my favourite topics. Yes, ECB (External Commercial Borrowings) comes in next. I was one of the 2 people instrumental in working on the first Masala Bond (INR Denominted ECB Bond) in India. In fact, it was a privilege to receive calls from seniors at RBI Central office as well as DSIM to understand things when this first took off. Of course, it was new on both sides. And always together you understand things better than interpreting things alone. And as a banker, I got to know things from client and regulator perspective.

However, being in any line of activity, especially those controlled by regulations and markets, one has to be updated. And of course, be connected to the pulse of the profession. And I am working towards it. Right now, I am getting my matter together for making a mark as an Image Consultant and Trainer. Hoping for success, in sha Allah.