Friday, December 25, 2009

The birth of Christ and Yaum-e-Ashura

Today is Christmas throughout the world. People know 25th Dec as the day Jesus (Isaa Alaihissalaam) was born. But how many of us know that according to the Islamic calender, Prophet Isaa was born on the 10th day of Muharram ? That's on Ashura day. Ashura is not only the day Isaa A S was born but also the same day when he was taken up to the heavens.

Many of us just associate Ashura (the 10th of Muharram) with only the martyrdom of Hazrat Hussain (grandson of Prophet Muhammad S A S). But what many Muslims also do not know is that the importance of Ashura extends even beyond that. This day has always been an important day in the history of the world and religion.

On this day Prophet Hazrat Adam A S was created. And also Prophet Ibrahim A S (Abraham) born on this day. The ark of Prophet Nooh A S (Noah) halted at mountain Judi on the 10th day of Muharram. The heavens, earth, sun, moon, stars and paradise were also created on Ashura. Apart from this, many more religious events have taken place on this day.

Muharram is the 1st month of the Islamic calender. From the 1st to 10th day the most important battle of 'Karbala' was fought against 'Yazeed', a cruel king who believed himself to be God. This battle ended with Ashura, where Hazrat Hussain was martyred. Soonafter, Yazeed was also defeated and people were saved from the clutches of a cruel and evil king. From 1st to 10th, many muslims remember the martydom of Hazrat Hussain and the troubles the family of our beloved prophet went through in the battle of Karbala when they were denied food and water. That is why in many places you will find the 'Sabeel' installed to serve water to travellers so that no one goes thirsty. Sabeel comes from the arabic word meaning 'spring'. The sherbet many make on the last day is also symbolic of water. Over the period of time, the plain sweet sherbet has been modified to milk sherbet with crushed dry fruits thrown it for flavour. Some kids in Muslim mohallahs collect money to make huge tanks of sweet sherbet, mixing the sugar n water concoction for hours through the previous night (till wee hours of morning) before the colour, flavours and garnishings are thrown in. It is then distributed to all. Though there are certain sections of Muslims who raise eyebrows over the practice. But here I'd like to say that though Hazrat Hussain A S was martyred, it showed many Muslims the right path and they chose not to follow Yazeed. So in a way it was also a kind of victory too.

Also, we see many Muslim households make 'kichda' during Muharram and many (including some Muslims) wonder why! What is 'kichda'? Kichda is a mixture of wheat, rice, dals/ pulses, meat thrown together and cooked for hours till it is soft. It is made in various ways. This is also symbolic practice because it is believed that during the battle of Karbala, when they was nothing much left to eat, the leftovers of all grains and food available with the people were mixed and cooked. All these are ways of rememberance. Of course, no way of remembrance can be better than prayer and fasting (which is advised for two days on 9th and 10th day or on 10th and 11th day). Though Sunnis end their sad remembrance of the battle with Ashura (10th day of Muharram), the Shias continue to mourn throughout the entire month of Muharram. And some extend it for another additional ten days.

Ashura is on Monday (28th Dec). It is a day of great significance. My Dad used to always say - 'One should not work on the day of Muharram'. Thankfully, Govt has declared the holiday at the last moment, else I would have taken a day off, anyways!

Also refer to my earlier article dated 20th Jan 2008 :

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hurry more, Care Less!

In Mumbai running, rushing and pushing seems to be the order of the day. Here everyone seems to be running, sometimes making us wonder- ‘what for?’ Everyone tries to show that he/ she is more in a hurry than the others, often giving a cold stare to people who appear to be at a slower pace or at leisure. Most of us rush in or out as soon as the train or bus stops, seldom bothered about hurting or pushing others while doing so. Some even pinch, nudge and push others to get into a crowded train. While some others try to get alongwith 2-3 others even when we know that only one can pass at a time through the space available.

Just imagine what all this would look like if the same is applied to an aeroplane? Wouldn’t the same behaviour make you appear rowdy and indisciplined? Ha !

On my recent trip to Srinagar and back via Delhi with Mom and bro-in-law, we had a taste of Mumbaikars’ ‘hurry more, care less’ attitude. We had booked round trip for three through Spice Jet.

On our travel to Delhi to Jammu to Srinagar, we saw that most of the passengers (from Mumbai to Delhi, from Delhi to Jammu and even passengers from Jammu) had tucked all their heavy and big baggages in Luggage, while they traveled lite with small baggage in the ‘cabin luggage’. Everyone had ample space in their respective luggage area over their seats to keep their hand baggage. The same was also seen in our return journey from Srinagar to Delhi.

Now comes the Delhi to Mumbai part, where mostly people from Mumbai were headed. In most flights, you coolly get in and walk towards your allotted seat. But in the Delhi-Mumbai flight, there was chaos as soon as we got in. Majority of the people were carrying heavy luggage as ‘hand baggage’, (probably to avoid waiting for 15-30 mins extra claiming the luggage back on the conveyor belt). Because of this, people were blocking the aisle figuring where to keep their baggage as they had used their allotted space and were looking for empty space over other passengers’ seats. And the cabin crew was also pushing (or rather, stashing) people’s luggage in available empty spaces. Due to this, we had to wait in the aisle and then slowly find our way to our seats, only to find our luggage area occupied. Thankfully, we were carrying only our purses in hand and all other baggage in ‘Luggage’ for our as well as others convenience.

Here, the people were acting smart and ‘know all’ since we were from Mumbai, after all! People continued to talk on their mobiles even when mobiles were asked to be switched off. One person was listening to FM on his mobile and when the Air Hostess asked him to switch it off he continued to argue that he was only listening to songs! Finally she had to tell him apart from mobile airwaves interfering with other signals, also if an emergency announcement was made, he would not be able to hear it. Finally the passenger was convinced.

Now comes the main part. This was a evening flight from Delhi (6.30 pm to 8.40 pm) on 9th Dec 2009 and most flights were delayed or cancelled due to cold or fog. But thankfully the SpiceJet flight was delayed only by 15 mins. Though the delay was covered in time, the aircraft didn’t get signal to land in Mumbai and was circling. Finally it landed at 9.10 pm. As soon as the plane slowed down a bit and tho' neither the seat belt indicators were off nor the cabin lights were switched on, Mumbaikars got into the act they have been used to over a period of time. Almost everyone was out of their seats, and trying to pull their luggage from overhead units. Since everyone’s luggage was here and there (also over other’s seats), there was a chaos again. One person who looked like an educated and decent person at least by face, was all over our overhead baggage unit and pulling out his stuff. In the rush, he dropped a heavy ‘small laptop’ (notebook) on my bro-in-laws head, hurting him badly. My Mom was very angry. She shouted at him in Hindi about being ‘Padey likhe unpadh’ (educated illiterates). And the cheek had the guts to reply back that at least no one had broken their head or lost a life. My Mom lost her cool and mumbled a few more words at him before reminding him that this was neither a train or bus, but an aeroplane. As usual everyone acted dumb and looked away as if they didn’t care (in typical Mumbai style) nor didn’t the cabin crew intervened. Mom wondered aloud what the people in charge were doing (hinting at the cabin crew). Suddenly two air hostesses came running putting all people back in their places and telling them to put their seat belts on as the aircraft had not fully stopped. It had just slowed down to take a turn and waiting for the runway to clear !

What was the rush for? Where would one want to rush at 9.10 pm (unless unofficially!) apart from home? The train rush-hour was over, the traffic jams would be clear by then. Neither had the aircraft stopped, nor the exit doors opened. So you could not even rush out! Even the cabin crew was not experienced enough to control the chaos nor could they alert everyone in time to be relaxed and seated till the right time. Moreover, why are big suitcases being allowed inside the aircraft as ‘cabin baggage’ causing a discomfort to those wanted to travel in peace? This happened on Flight no. 119

Is this what we Mumbaikars are all about?- ‘Hurry more, care less!’ Or do we think we're too smart to be bound by rules or care for anything?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome back!

Look at the sky in Mumbai two days back (on Sunday, the 8th of Nov). It was terribly hot. I was irritated with the heat. I was watching the sun about to go down, when I noticed the clouds. I exclaimed that it might rain. Though it seemed unlikely then, almost 30 hours later it rained during the night following Monday in the far suburbs.

Then on the morning of 10th Nov (Tuesday), the rain had spread throughout Mumbai. The weather turned cool, much to the relief of people like me who hate heat. Though it isn't raining heavily (and still is as I write this), I welcome the rains back to Mumbai. Don't mind having had to walk in the rains (sans an umbrella!) from work.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sunset in Mumbai

Cool sunset pic, na? Pat pat!!! I clicked this snap recently. This is very much a part of Mumbai city as is me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A dot, a stain and a blotch!

Bhala uska voting dot itna hot kaise?
Everyone seems to have forgotten about the elections which happened in Maharashtra on 13th October in the Diwali revelry.
This time the picture was slightly better than the Lok Sabha elections. The idea of keeping malls and restaurants and many public places closed in the morning seemed to have some effect. Also, the officers of the election commission making surprise checks on offices which were open was a good idea!
My youngest brother who's working and studying in Pune came to Mumbai to vote (as he did last time too). And so did my sister (who's married and stays not so far away) joined us. So it was like a family get-together. We three went to vote. My Dad had to go for his monthly review to the hospital and could not join us. And my Mom went in the evening with my other brother.
The trio visit in the morning was fun. We voted with a 'beep' and were happy with the way the lady at the booth applied the election ink. My brother got a call from his colleague as soon as he stepped out, so his ink blotched. When he realised that, he tried to mend it by wiping some of it with his right hand fingers. And you can imagine what it might have resulted in ! Stains on both right hand fingers too!!! I was happy with the cute dot. But I guess, I was happy too soon. In teasing my brother, my finger rubbed against the lock of hair which I was trying to put in place. So my ink turned into 'comet' shape. A dot with a tail.
My sister was smiling still. Because seeing us, she became extra careful. And kept her hand straight till it dried into a neat dot (check the pic) making us green with envy!
We three then went for lunch at a nearby restaurant before returning home.
Amination courtesy : Graphics on Samsung Star

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The case of the missing seats!

Above : Seat 1
Below : Seat 2

This is a glimpse of Ladies First Class Compartment one mid afternoon!

It was captured almost a month back (in mid September) on my way to Asian Heart Institute, Bandra from Mira Road to see my Dad. I got a shock as I got into the Churchgate bound train. You could see one seat missing as soon as you got in. The shock doubled when I went to sit on the adjacent seat. The seat on the opposite side was missing too! So, two seats (situated diagonally) were missing in a single compartment!

One lady called someone in the Railways and informed them when the train was about to reach Andheri. But nothing happened. My mind was preoccupied with what was happening at the hospital as my Dad was in ICU after his coronary bypass surgery. I got down at Bandra.

Almost a fortnight later I again saw a missing seat in the Virar train while returning from office in the evening from Mumbai Central. This time around, only one seat was missing and the train was crowded.

Where did the seats disappear? Did it serve as a bed for someone or land up as seats on a autorickshaw?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Wake Up, Sid !

Watching the movie brought a breath of fresh air! And alongwith it, it brought sweet memories of college days (though it was not about partying and did not involve bunking) and life thereafter.

Memories of HR College. Friends. Life after college; the struggle to get a job; adjusting to life after studies; taking up responsibilities. All this from ‘Sid side’ of the movie.

More memories - Standing on own feet, being independent, making a name. All this from ‘Aisha Banerjee’s’ side.

The movie touched chords in more ways than one. The scenes from my college- HR; the dreams of Aisha; creativity. Though college ended almost 10 years back, the last 6 years of my life disappeared working day-night and being cut off from the world and friends. So all seems like a few years back (since I am back to living since the past 3 months).

All in all, I liked the movie. It wasn’t the typical movie, yet there was no dull moment. Konkona Sen Sharma as usual was brilliant. Only I felt that her character was in continuation of her role in LUCK BY CHANCE. Only this time the guy isn’t mean. But a sweet kid ! Apart from that, the movie has a message for students in the final year of their studies. No villains, thankfully. And no dramas! It’s a simple, fresh movie which leaves a nice feeling as you walk out. Go watch!

All the best, Ayan Mukherjee (he’s only 25 years, I’ve heard)! Waiting to see more light and sweet movies from your side

Pic :

Monday, September 28, 2009

World Heart Day- 27th Sept 2009

The World Heart Day this year was extra special for me because my Dad underwent coronary bypass surgery on 10th Sept 2009 under the supervision of Mr Ramakant Panda (the 'PM's doc' as he is fondly called after he performed surgery on Dr Manmohan Singh sometime back ). Though he's a highly acclaimed doctor and is often seen on Page 3, he's extremely down-to-earth. As he's very busy, I got a chance to see him only once, when we went to consult him. He lets his work speak, while he speaks less.
Dad's fine and recovering at home now. I'd like to thank all the friends and colleagues (mine and my sister's) who donated blood for the surgery. They were more friends of family members who were ready to donate in case of emergency. A 'big thanks' also to all family members and friends who stood as moral support. Also all those who prayed for my Dad in different ways and always wished well for him - this was all possible because of you. The phone still rings non-stop enquiring about his health which, thanks to Allah, is fine.
The wonderful staff at Asian Heart Institute and the ever helpful doctors at the hospital helped in easing our worries. The pre-operation education to the patient and his family by the hospital prepares both mentally for the surgery. Every incision and tube as will be visible after surgery is explained in detail. The updates every two hours during the 9 hour long surgery of my Dad proved to be like a oasis in our endless desert-like wait from 6 am to 3 pm! Even while the patient is in ICU, counselling sessions (which include patient health updates) are provided twice daily for the family. Even the post operative sessions for patient and family are quite helpful in fast recovery.
From the liftman to the ward boy to the nurse to the doctors, everyone at Asian Heart Institute was helpful and always ready to guide and help us. This was definately in contrast to our experience in a well known suburban hospital we'd admitted Dad to earlier in August.
People warned us that the hospital was expensive, but in comparison to the services they provided and the technology they used ('beating heart' on 'Octopus' instead of the traditional 'Heart Lung' machine), the charges were nominal. And everything was covered in the bill. No hidden payment. And the bill was clean too. Refunds were given wherever applicable. The arrangement for a family member to stay back was good too. The top hospitals providing same services or technology charge more and some hospitals purposely elongate stay to increase bill. Though my Dad underwent 5 grafts, he was discharged in 8 days!
Like the posters of Akshay Kumar screaming out in the premises of the hospital, I'd also like to say - Dial 126 126 in case of any heart emergency!
People, do take care of your heart and your health
1) Keep your weight in control
2) Eat healthy
3) Exercise or walk a lot
4) Be stress-free
5) Don't smoke
Click link below for more information:
I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience about hospitals, heart diseases and people's reactions in such times which I'd like to share with all. But through a separate post soon, inshallah.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence Day and Dad

My Dad, who was recently hospitalised for 4 days for heart problem was back home the day before. He was the one who started the Flag Hoisting ceremony in our society when we moved to Mira Road almost 6 years ago. Patriotic songs are played since morning followed by flag hoisting. This has grown over the years into recognition for children who pass their exams with flying colours. And recently even mini sports are held in our compound. The entire function ends with distribution of sweets and snacks. Now children look forward to Independence Day and Republic Day every year. Nowadays even the SP and/ or local political leaders come to our to preside over the small function. The percentage of Muslims in our society and area is on the higher side. But those who feel that Muslims are less patriotic than other Indians, our society / building should serve as an eye opener to them.

Though this has been happening all the while, what especially made me recall and narrate about the Flag Hoisting ceremony has it's own significance. The society members give a lot of respect to my Dad as he's an ex -RBI AGM and helps a lot in organising the entire event. This is replete with his speech and announcements and encouraging words to children interspersed with his own little shairi and poems (which he's started writing after retirement). This year too Dad was approached for his suggestions and help. Obviously he was to do the announcements too. But last Monday we took him to the hospital and he was admitted for almost 4 days. He's been advised less exertion. Today, he got ready for the function which is held in our building compound. The arrangements this year were done while he was in hospital and later, resting at home. He put on the tricolour badge and went straight down. We advised him not to exert himself too much. He proudly announced, 'I am going for the kids'.

After a while, we heard his voice on the mike! 'Uh oh'!, I said to myself, 'Who can keep Dad away from the mike, especially on such a social occasion?'. I called my Mom, who was already on her way downstairs. 'Yes', she said. 'I know'. There was pride and happiness in her voice. My brother went down to take pictures. Because Dad likes pictures of all important events on record. My youngest brother had almost reached home from Pune for the weekend. I told him Dad was announcing yet again! He waited and watched before coming upstairs. Dad was chatting with the SP, who was the chief guest for the event. Dad will be Dad. And to think that he was in hospital just two days before (including one day in ICU) and some relatives were still coming home to enquire about his health. Who will believe the same when they watch him thus?!

This takes me back to my childhood at RBI Quarters at Mumbai Central, where flag hoisting was always an event like this. The colony was vast and had a playground, a garden, a pvt Marathi school (has been replaced by a community hall now), a dispensary, a store and benches to relax. Those days the Marathi school students used to prepare some songs for the event. Patriotic songs used to be played since morning followed by flag hoisting. The event was mostly attended the top notch people in RBI. Having the Governer of RBI as the chief guest used to be an honour. It is on one such Independence Day that we also met Dr Manmohan Singh, who was the Governer then. A highly intelligent but quiet and humble person. He's still the same as he used to be. Power has not changed him, thankfully.

Then in the evenings, Dad used to take us to Flora Fountain, Churchgate station and Fort area to show the buildings illuminated for Independence Day. The spirit still continues.....

Sunday, August 02, 2009

It's finally open!

It's finally open - finally! Yes, I am talking of the Mira Road Skywalk.

Amidst the confusion after the news which appeared in TOI that the skywalk opening was stuck due to some pending issues between MMRDA and Western Railways, the much awaited skywalk is finally open. It was open to the public yesterday (1st Aug, 2009). Everyone seemed pleased and happy walking on it. Some were seen clicking pictures. There are 5-6 security guards along the entire stretch. People were seen asking asking them several questions. As I clicked with my mobile, I could see some people smiling back at me in proud acknowledgement. The excitement of the people on the skywalk was worth noticing. Some just stood there, taking a look of the surroundings from the walk-way. It was nice walking on the Skywalk instead of the ground as the station area is congested with hawkers and with mud in the rains.

This is Phase I of the Skywalk, which opens from the new ticket counter and ends on the footpath opposite Corporation Bank. Phase II work is still on. Hope it will be completed soon too.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Highest Tide at Worli !

Pic 1 : The police watch as a wave vanishes after leaving water on the road. The BMC people are seen working hard to keep things in control. A wall broken with the force of water can be seen on the right.

Pic 2 : Here you see Haji Ali dargah in the backdrop and officials keeping a watch on the high tide and the waves

High tides were predicted in Mumbai on 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of July, 2009. The highest tide in 100 years in Mumbai was seen on 24th when tidal waves of 5.5 mts lashed Mumbai shorelines.

On 23rd July, I was back at my desk after having lunch in office pantry. One of my team members asked me, 'Ma'am aap samundar ke paas jaakar aao. Sab dekhne jaa rahein hain.' I looked at him surprisingly and asked, 'Kyon? Kya hua?'. He replied, 'Wahaan paani bahut upar tak aaya hai aur raaste par udh raha hai !' I was definately excited. But being busy, I could not immediately go. I asked a few colleagues after sometime if they'd been out. They replied that they'd just come back from watching the waves create havoc. I am transferred to our Worli office since a month and have been enjoying the rainy season near the sea at Haji Ali. It wasn't raining that day. But it was very cloudly, breezy and cool. I tried to go out, but a sudden torrent of heavy, windy rains started and I postponed going out. But I saw some colleagues get nice video shoots of the rising waves and some sweet pics too. When I tried to go, I got news that the tide had subsided. Too bad, I thought. But definately the next day was the 'highest tide' day. So I still had my chance. I made proper plans to go out with colleagues around 2 pm next day as the hightest tide was somewhere around 2.15 to 2.30 pm.

On 24th July afternoon after lunch, I set off with some female colleagues to watch the waves. But to my dismay, a huge crowd had already gathered in anticipation near Lotus at Worli. The police including the traffic police alongwith BMC workers had gathered to shoo people from venturing too near. They was a huge crowd. All office goers from almost all companies in the area had got onto the streets to catch a glimpse of the huge tidal waves lashing against the shore walls. There was a lot of excitement. We tried to go ahead. I managed to get a few haphazard pics since vehicles coming into Lotus compound kept dispersing the crowd. Morever, as soon as any wave splashed against the walls lining the shores, the police pushed the crowd away. The people who'd come impromptu the earlier day, got a better glimpse than the people who came on 24th July. Since we'd to go back to our desks and work too, we couldn't dare to venture further and watch more. So we returned back with some exciting moments and a few pictures. The next day too I had a chance to catch the excitement, but unfortunately I had my monthly Saturday off and Sunday of course, meant holiday. So it had to be next year I guess. But from what I hear, some high tides at in store for Mumbaikars in Aug and Sept 2009 as well. But to see the next hightest tide, I'll have to wait!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guess the river!

Can you guess which river this is! I took this picture on Saturday (18th July, 2009). And no, it's not a river. It's the west side of Mira Road station. There are salt pans on the western side. And the water logging is due to the rains! Since there is no concrete structure on the west and you can almost see the horizon, the effect created is that of a river! Beautiful, ain't it?
The unique thing about the picture is the water at the top and the station at the bottom. And the roof over the platform serves as the divider!

Almost Ready!

That was pretty fast indeed. 3-4 months, I think. I am referring to the skywalk at Mira Road. While other skywalks in the heart of Mumbai city are still struggling completion, the one at Mira Road is just waiting for its' finishing touches!

But as with public services in Mumbai, the old, the 'special' and sick people are never considered while designing any infrastructure. And the same applies for the skywalks as well. We do look forward to escalators at Railway stations and at the end of such skywalks in the near future. This will be a boon to the old people and those suffering from joint related problems.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mumbai Monsoons and the wrath of the Mithi

One of my colleagues from Delhi was once commenting over phone regarding Mumbai rains. He was making fun of the drainage system and water logging and trains being effected during heavy rains. I told him that there were two reasons for it -

One : Mumbai, being on the coastline, experiences more rains than Delhi. And of course, the tides effect it as well.

Two : Most of Mumbai is reclaimed land. And a number of small rivers are silently buried within the city. During heavy rains and high tide, these rivers show their presence / wrath through increased water levels, so that we're reminded constantly of what we've done to them. Mithi river (buried in the Andheri Kurla stretch of land and going upto Dadar) is one such example. It has remained as a gutter or nalla in some places. Everyone dreads the wrath of Mithi (also known as Mahim creek).

My colleague agreed and that's how our conversation ended.

Let us understand that Mumbai as it is now is a united area of seven Islands. Isle of Bombay, Colaba, Old Woman's Island (Little Colaba), Mahim, Mazagaon, Parel, Worli. These Islands alongwith the nearby islands of Trombay and Salsette were merged to form Greater Bombay. A number of small rivers and creeks are thus buried beneath Mumbai and these rise with heavy monsoons and high tides during monsoons.

I'd further like to add here that Mumbai, being the financial capital, is more in the spotlight for any reason from heavy rains to potholes to crowded trains to buses etc. It always rains heavily along the Indian coastline resulting in flooding, rivers overflowing and the like. But in smaller places/ villages, it is never highlighted as an issue. Rains had started in Goa and Konkan region much before it rained in Mumbai. One of our relatives in Goa had called last month to tell us how rains were very heavy this year and many parts had flooded. But I never saw it on National Television. In fact, even with two days of continuous rains there has not been much flooding as previous years except in ex-river zones like Milan subway (this was also supposed to be a bridge over a river/ creek but none is seen there now), saki naka, kurla, mahim etc. Beneath these areas lies the Mithi River and maybe many more small creeks/ rivers. These will continue to show their wrath during monsoons!
Read about the history and geography of the Mithi river through this link :

Sunday, July 05, 2009


MJ ceases to live among us. May his soul RIP. From SCAMS group. More about SCAMS some other time.

MJ's death has brought yet another Christian -Muslim debate to the fore. This time, it's a worldwide debate. In all my references to any comparative religion debates, I've always noticed that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is directly attacked and abused (is it because they do not have valid scientific points to debate on?). Whereas Muslims always respect Jesus (PBUH), accept his miraculous birth and his miracles and believe in is second coming (closer to 'Qayamat' or Day of Judgement). Only difference is that Muslims do not worship Jesus (for that matter, even Prophet Muhammed) nor consider him to be 'Son' of God (since attributing human qualities to God is considered a sin). Also do not believe in his 'crucification'. But the funniest thing in MJ's death is that many Christians even alienate Jehowah's Witness (JW) followers and do not consider them 'proper' Christians.

Whether Christian or Muslim or JW, let us not 'loose talk' about a dead man (as Allah/ God would have preferred it, as HE alone is the best judge). Let MJ's soul RIP.

Refer to related article about 'Micheal Jackson's Funeral' on Archbishop Cranmer's blog and all the consecutive debates through various comments which follow it. Makes interesting reading.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nothing to show ?

Last week my youngest brother was in Mumbai from Pune. We were watching a music channel and the song ' Shut up and bounce' from Dostana came up. First comes John in small swimming trunks revealing his well toned body. Then Shilpa dances around in various revealing outfits to be joined in by more girls in swimming suits. This goes on for a while. And then apna Abhishek Bacchan enters fully dressed from head to toe. I exclaimed loudly, 'I guess he has nothing to show'! And my brother burst out laughing. Then we both giggled away!

While on the topic of Abhishek, let me add something more. I guess, everyone's seen the 'Airtel' wala ad wherein Abhishek practices speaking to Sachin Tendulkar. Finally, he ends up speaking nervously when Sachin actually calls. Whenever my Mom sees it, she says 'Yeh to yeda hai. Isko toh bolne bhi nahin aata'. I guess it's because the ad looks quite real. And to top it, she's seen him monkeying around in the 'Genda Phool' song of 'Delhi 6'. She hardly watches movies.

New York - the Movie

I watched New York this Sunday with family. I must say that it's a fabulous movie without a single dull moment. The cinematography, the storyline, the message, the editing - everything's sleek. Seen a sleek hindi action movie like that after ages. 'Dhoom' fitted the bill earlier. The film has you gripping till the end. The acting of each character is remarkable and sensitive. Overall, the film is excellent. And all without any item numbers, vulgar dialogues, loud comedy, skimpily clad women and the like.... The message is loud a clear. A good movie can be made minus these ingredients.

Go watch the movie!
'Angels and Demons' was another movie seen prior to 'New York' which had me gripping to the seat. Though, I'd not read the novel, I enjoyed the movie nevertheless. It will make more sense if you understand the subtleties and history of religion.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Another hilarious one (3)

Can't resist posting another one.
The first shairi is dedicated to doctors on Doctors' Day. A little satire, a little appreciation.

Nahi boley toh sunte nahi (2)

One more of those comedy shairies series in true hyderabadi style. When we played this snippet in our house, everyone was in splits. Moreso, because Karwari Urdu accent and dialect is almost similar. And mom was definately amused. She's the one who's keeps the language alive in the house. If you speak or understand this style of speaking, you will enjoy the video all the more.

Mizahiya / Funny Urdu Shairi (1)

This is hilarious Urdu Shairi including lot of Hyderabadi style talk / drawl. What attracts me to the deccani style urdu (hyderabadi) talk is that people from Karwar/ Goa also speak a similar language. Listen and enjoy.... We all need comedy in our stressful lives.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hadith No. 48 - Hypocrisy and False Promises

This is a wonderful Hadeeth. I was wondering whether I could put it on my blog. Then decided that it needs to be here because the message is universal and deserves to be told to all ; especially in today's times when promises are made without intention and people have short-lived memories.
Hadith No. 48
On the authority of Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (may Allah be pleased with them both) that the Prophet (sas) said:"Four traits whoever possesses them is a hypocrite and whoever possesses some of them has an element of hypocrisy until he leaves it: the one who when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise, when he disputes he transgresses and when he makes an agreement he violates it.
Muslim and Bukhari

1. Other wordings of this same hadith:"The signs of the hypocrite are three: when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise and when he is entrusted he betrays the trust." (Bukhari and Muslim)"…even if he prays and fasts and imagines that he is a Muslim" (Muslim)"Among the signs of the hypocrite are three…" (Muslim)

2. Nifaaq (hypocrisy) in the Arabic language means the general category of deception, scheming and presenting an outward appearance of good while concealing its opposite.

3. In the Shari’a, nifaaq is of two types:
a) Greater (An-Nifaaq Al-Akbar): To present an outward appearance of belief in Allah, his Angels, his books, his messengers, the last day, etc. while concealing withing that which negates all or some of that. This is the hypocrisy which the Prophet (sas) confronted during his life and the ones who Allah said in the Qur’an that they are in "the lowest depth of hell-fire".
b) Lesser (An-Nifaaq Al-Asghar) or hypocrisy of action: To present an outward appearance of good and good deeds while concealing within that which negates that. This form of hypocrisy is built on the 5 things mentioned in the hadith at hand.

4. The actions in this hadith are all part of lesser hypocrisy. One who has these character traits in interaction with other people is most likely to have them with regard to Allah and his Prophet (sas). That is why the existence of them is a ‘sign’ of the existence of greater nifaaq.

5. Lying. Al-Hassan Al-Basri said: "Nifaaq is the difference between the inner and the appearance, between statement and action and between entering and leaving and it used to be said that the foundation of nifaaq upon which it is built is lying."

6. Breaking Promises. This falls into two categories:
a) Making a promise with no intention of keeping it. Al-Awzaa’iy said that one who says "I will do such-and-such isha Allah" without intending to do it has committed both lying and breaking a promise.
b) Making a promise intending to keep it and then later deciding to break it.

7. Transgression in Dispute. The main meaning of ‘transgression’ here is to intentionally speak other than truth making truth falsehood and vice versa. Lying ‘calls to’ this as in the hadith: "Beware of lying for lying guides to transgression and transgression leads to the fire." (Bukhari and Muslim). Also, the Prophet (sas) said: "The most hated of men to Allah is the one given to fierce and violent disputation." (Bukhari and Muslim) Also, the Prophet (sas) said about the one who takes what is not his through clever speech has only been given a piece of the fire.

8. Breaking Agreements. Allah said: {And fulfill your agreements for verily agreements will be asked about} Al-Israa’: 34. And: {And fulfill Allah’s agreement when you have made an agreement and don’t violate your oaths after they have been established and you have made Allah your guardian (therein)} An-Nahl: 91. Also: Aal-Imraan: 77. This applies to Muslim and non-Muslim alike. The Prophet (sas) said: "Whoever kills an individual protected by treaty without right will not even smell the scent of paradise and its scent can be found at a distance of forty years march." The most serious oath to dishonor is the oath of allegiance to the khalifa of the Muslims.

9. Betraying of Trusts. When a Muslim is entrusted with something, he must do his best to protect it and to render it back to its owner when the time comes. Allah said: {Verily, Allah orders you to render trusts to their rightful owners…} An-Nisaa: 58 Also: Al-Anfaal: 27.

10. These issues have all been connected to hypocrisy in the Qur’an:
a) Al-Munaafiqoon: 1-2 (Lying, breaking oaths)
b) At-Tauba: 73-77 (False oaths, breaking promises (to Allah), lying)
c) Al-Ahzaab: 72-73 (Betraying trusts)

11. Umar mentioned the hadith of the Prophet (sas): "The thing from which I fear for you the most is the knowledgeable hypocrite." Umar was then asked: "How can a hypocrite be knowledgeable?" To which Umar answered: "He speaks with wisdom but acts with injustice."

12. Ibn Umar was told: "We enter the presence of the ruler we speak to him other than what we say after we leave." Ibn Umar said: "We used to consider that hypocrisy." (Bukhari)

13. Ibn Abi Mulaika said: "I encountered thirty Companions of the Prophet (sas) every one of them fears hypocrisy for himself and Al-Hassan Al-Basri used to say about it: No one fears it but a believer and no one feels safe from it but a hypocrite." (Bukhari)

14. Another aspect of hypocrisy is to do apparently good deeds with wicked intentions. Allah said: {They set up a masjid for the purpose of harm, kufr, creating division among the Muslims and as an outpost for those making war against Allah and His Prophet before this and they will swear "We only intended good." And Allah bears witness that they are liars.} At-Tauba: 107

15. Also: {Do not imagine that those who are joyful with what they have done and love to be praised for that which they did not do – do not imagine them to be safe from punishment – and theirs is a painful punishment.} Aal-Imraan: 188

16. Consciousness will vary and this is not hypcrisy. The Prophet (sas) said to Handhala: "If you were to continue in the state which you achieved in my presence, the angels would greet you in your sittings and in the streets however, O Handhala, there are times and there are times."

One's promise can translate into someone's dream and violation of the same, can break the other person's dream or the person himself/ herself. Promises could be regarding love, marriage, job, buying something, calling back.... no matter how small. For the person making it, it may not mean much, but the other person schedules his / her actions, makes plans, takes out time based on them. So make promises with care. Or you may hurt someone in the bargain.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This year it’s truly been a voting trend against corruption, false promises, those mixing religion with politics and negative elements.

This year we’d had more youth realizing their responsibility towards the nation and coming out in large numbers to vote. Even my youngest bro took a break from his work and came all the way from Pune to vote here.

Apart from that, rural India also made a large contribution to the votes. That’s because of the various Rozgar Yognas, which helped them in recent times.

Then who did not vote and why?

Of course, the vote percentage was lower in the cities and lowest in Mumbai. The reasons for low turnout in Mumbai were various.

First of all, it was because it touched a long weekend. Elections in Mumbai and Thane were on 30th April, 2009 which was followed by 1st May (holiday due to Mararashtra Day) followed by Sat-Sun. And that too when kids have their summer vacations! Who could resist such a temptation of going out of the city?

Reason No 2 –Due to recession, many companies had not given leave to most employees and everyone was expected to be present at work. And who would want to take a chance in such recessionary times when companies are looking for slightest of reasons to sack employees?! Inspite of being a banker and having a holiday, I was expected to be at work as I work in a centralized set-up for other parts of India. Even CMS centralized operations were working full-fledged in many banks. Except a few, many had come to work without voting, hoping to leave early and vote. Getting to leave early (as early as 4 pm to reach before 5 pm) seemed a distant possibility in banks where leaving time depends on volumes, which again are unpredictable. I reprimanded a few for not voting. Everyone gave some excuse, some even about having to come to work. But me thinks all top corporate honchos also do not vote apart from not encouraging their employees to vote. There is also a suggestion – The voting hours should be extended in Cities like Mumbai, where 5 pm means completion of only half a day. The ideal voting hours for Metro cities should from 7 am to 7 pm.

Marriage season was also one reason. Most people were out of town in their gaon attending some relative’s wedding or too busy within the city for the same reason. And for many Indian women, attending to their domestic and family responsibility is more important than their responsibility to the Nation.

And the most important question is- Is the percentage given out for Voting turnout to be believed? I am asking this question because we’ve moved to Mira Road some 6-7 years back, but the new inhabitants of our RBI quarters flat in Mumbai Central called us to inform us that voting numbers of all our family members have come this year also. Now this is two elections down the line! That set my mind ticking. This means that as new voters are added, old voters names are not re-verified for existence and their names are not struck out in case they have moved out. Likewise, so many Mumbaikars have moved to far suburbs in the recent years and added themselves as voters in their new areas. Many have formed new homes after marriage. And many girls also get married and add their names in their husband’s area, whereas their name continues in their old area as well. All such people continue to be counted as two. Half the percentage gets struck off there itself.

Whatever was the reason and whether people did vote or whether they did not, the end-result is crystal clear- Congress has won as a clear majority. This means that the youth of India want a stable government and appreciate their work toward economic growth. Those who understand economy and growth will appreciate India’s sustenance even during recession. The traders, especially the exporters will appreciate how the rupee was devalued to save the falling dollar to avoid much loss to them in conversion and at the same time foreign exchange kept flowing in. The RBI Interest subventions... The intelligent man knows, how inflation is being replaced with deflation (would like to have a full-length discussion of this later). And who could think better of such and many other economic reforms than Dr Manmohan Singh, who is an economist and ex-RBI Governer himself?

People have also voted against political elements that bring religion into Politics – whether belonging to any religion. Politics should purely deal with National Betterment and Religious work should be left to the Pundits and Maulvis.

PS : People in Mumbai / Thane and many parts of Maharashtra wondered why their second finger was being dabbed (literally! No cute dots, just messy lines) with voting ink instead of their first finger. That’s because in many parts of Maharashtra (including some Mumbai suburbs), municipal by-elections were held only recently. And the first finger was used for marking with voting ink then.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Changing Face of Mira Road Station

Pic 1 : The skywalk under contruction
Pic 2 : Outside the station

The last two years have seen a dramatic change in and around Mira Road Station. When we first came to live here around 6-7 years back, there was a small old ticket counter outside the platform. It was typical of small ticket windows of a small town. There was a tower-like structure (two huge poles) erected towards the right side as you got out of the station, depicting entrance to Shanti Nagar side. This was made by Ajmera Builders, if I am not wrong, which has more constructions on the Shanti Nagar side, while Naya Nagar side is mostly ruled by Asmita Builders. The first change was made around two years back, when the huge poles (entrance) were felled down, which I'd written about on my blog that time. An additional railway track was laid (which till today is not used for local trains, but implemented as promised to people beyond Borivali after much struggle). The old ticket counter structure was demolished, the outside stalls were razed, a overhead bridge was constructed and modern-day ticket counter was made on the bridge. The present counter has all the amenities available , including smart card machines and the local/ STD phones installed by Tata. After this change, the station outside looked more cleaner and spacious.

What you see in Pic 1 and 2 is Mira Road station as it is seen today. Below is the same place as it looked two years back.

Below is the old ticket counter structure, which has since been demolished
This picture was also taken almost two years back when the tower-like structure was felled

Before we could start enjoying the change, the spacious area was soon filled by hawkers selling fruits, vegetables and other stuff. This again is a speciality of almost all railways stations in Mumbai. Again some months ago more changes were planned, and digging started outside the station. To the left of Mira Road station as you stood facing the East (which is the only side which is inhabited by people), the leftmost side had a big pond-like swamp. This was almost like a gutter, attracting lot of mosquitoes and welcoming people who arrived at the Station. Called jokingly called Mira Road, 'Macchar Land'. Sometimes you could see sea-gulls there. But a year back, the work for filling up the swamp had begun and slowly that part has been concretised. After that work was over, RNA Builders had sealed up the left side for their construction work, which has started in full swing now. 2-3 months back, more digging started, making the approach road to the station from left side almost blocked. RNA construction on left side and the Sky Walk work on right side. Here, since the underground is swampy, the inner concretization was the initial step before starting the actual Sky walk work. While on the topic of Sky Walk, after the success of the Bandra Skywalk, there is a plan to have Skywalks at all the Mumbai stations, whether it is required there or not. The Bandra one was needed, but the others are just a need of some Neta. Even stations like Dahisar, which have a narrow road outside and does not even have a traffic congestion problem, are going to have a Sky Walk. Work has started and the many station roads at present are congested because of the work going on. The work is more in the stations beyond Borivali.

I'd gone outstation this weekend and on my return on Monday (11th May), was surprised to see the work of the Sky Walk almost taking shape. Some part of it was has been laid out. Good progress in two days ! I remember that there was another small gutter-like swampy area in the middle. And as we stood in the auto rickshaw line, mosquitoes greeted us from there. That was filled when the Phase 1 part of the work was completed almost a year and a half to two years back. The now has an enclosure and is smartly utilised for parking of two wheelers and cycles. Thankfully it was not given away for any building construction.

There's also one passage-way being made on the left of the station (attached to the platform). The roofs have been laid out already. Today I even saw painting work being done on the stairs leading to the foot-bridge.

Hoping to see a much better Mira Road station in the next couple of months.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Loving Jesus

Many of my Christian friends sometimes advise me to visit a retreat over a weekend for more peace of mind. Earlier it was my dear friend, Avriel, and now another sweet friend, Monisha. I appreciate their concern for me. They keep telling me about the greatness of Jesus. I hear and smile. They know not that being a Muslim, I know more about Jesus than they themselves. I’ve been told how even some Muslims go to a retreat and discover the power of Jesus. I smile and politely acknowledge all that. But keep silent.

Today, I’d like to tell everyone – I need not be a Christian to love Jesus. I love Jesus. In fact, Muslims love Jesus and believe in him. But they definitely love Muhammad S.A.S more than the other Prophets. Muslims who do not believe in Jesus, his birth from a virgin mother and his miracles have not studied or understood Islam well. But many of us (from all faiths) sometimes never really understand the depth and truth of our religion, but just follow it because we were born into it.

We all know Jesus from Christian perspective. I studied in a convent school myself and studied all about Noah, Moses and Jesus. And at the same time, at home, I had a fair knowledge of their importance in Islam as well, thanks to my parents. Now let me tell everyone what Islam says about Jesus.

Muslims accept Jesus as a Prophet of God (just like other Prophets before and after him – Adam, Nuh/Noah, Ibrahim/Abraham, Musa/ Moses to name a few), while Christian over the years have started to call him ‘Son of God’ or Lord himself. Jesus (or Isa Alai Salaam) is a prophet just like Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). But Muhammed (PBUH) is the last prophet and is also the Messenger of Allah. Another major difference is that though Christians believe that Jesus was crucified, Muslims believe that he was just taken up by God (Allah) and did not die or was ever crucified. According to Islam, Jesus (Isa A.S) was raised to heaven and is there and will descend (come back) at the appointed time (towards the Day of Judgement/ Qayamat), ending all wars and bring peace to the world. He will live on earth for around forty years (Sunan Abu Dawud Book 37, Number 4310)

What the Holy Qur'an says about Jesus:

They slew him not, nor did they crucify him but it was made dubious to them.
(Holy Qur'an, Surah Nisaa, Verse 157)

And surely they slew him not. But Allah (God) raised him unto Himself.
(Holy Qur'an, Surah Nisaa, Verse 157-158)

As such, Muslims believe that Hadhrat Isa (A.S.) was raised to heaven. According to Hadith, he is on the second heaven. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam=Peace be upon him) mentioned, "During the Meraj (Night of Ascension), I met Hadhrat Isa (A.S.) on the second heaven. I found him of medium stature, reddish white. His body was so clean and clear, that it appeared as though he had just performed ghusal (ablution, cleansing of the entire body) and come." In another Hadith, Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) mentioned to the Jews that, " Hadhrat Isa (A.S.) is not dead, he will most surely return to you before Qiyamat (the Day of Judgement)."
After his ascend, he will live with on earth

Now this piece of information might come as a surprise to many non-Muslims. But considering the Law of Nature and the Life Cycle we study through Science, this definitely makes sense. Every human being (however great or famous or pious) who is born on earth has to die. This is not new to us. And once a person dies in the context of earth, he is never seen back alive again. According to Quran, Jesus never died. He was taken away to the heavens. So in a way, he has not completed the life-cycle. Hence he has to come back or we can say that his coming back makes proper justification.
There are several Hadiths which give a detailed description about how Jesus's coming back on earth will be and also describe his physical attributes.
Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 34, Number 425 ; Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Number 656 ; Sunan Abu Dawud Book 37, Number 4310 to name a few references
Here are some answers to some questions regarding similarities / differences between Christianity in their belief of Jesus :

1. Do Muslims believe he was a Messenger of One God? YES
2. Do Muslims believe he was born of a Virgin Mother? YES
3. Do Muslims believe Jesus had a miraculous birth? YES
4. Do Muslims believe Jesus spoke in the cradle? YES
5. Do Muslims believe he performed miracles? YES
7. Do Muslims believe that Jesus was the son of God? NO
8. Do Muslims believe Jesus was killed on the cross then resurrected? NO
I love Jesus. And I also love our dear Prophet Muhammad S.A.S.

For the complete story of Isa A.S, the Prophet, refer :

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Soaring temperature

The weather in Mumbai these days is like it’s never been ever! The temperature is soaring higher by the day. Humidity is around 45 pc. Venturing out of the house requires lot of guts. The consequences could be heatstroke, fainting and extreme dehydration. And summer began early too. From beginning of March, it has been extremely hot and it’s only getter hotter and hotter. For someone like me who is extremely sensitive to heat, it’s bad news spelling bad health. I’ve been having chilled water, biting into ice (even ate a flavoured ice-gola in a plate recently after ages!) and staying away from even lukewarm water. I rummage through my clothes for a long time before selecting what to wear to office. Even the normal cotton clothes seem thick ! If only one could wear gowns to office. Even the weather at night is not soothing making it extremely difficult to sleep.

The temperature is around 35 degree Celsius. And it touches 40 degrees also from time to time. And this is a record of sorts for Mumbai. I’ve never seen such weather since my birth here. Mumbai no longer seems to have a moderate climate. Even the house seems like a hot oven. Are we headed towards global-warming?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

‘’Why me, Ma’am?’’ - A question on World Kidney Day

‘’Why me, Ma’am?’’ Those words still ring in my ears. I didn’t have a reply though I just managed to fumble out a few words of reassurance.

These words belong to a staff and colleague from Delhi (we interact with other branches through phone as we’re centralised for a number of locations at Mumbai), He’d moved to another Bank in Delhi itself on a good payscale . He was hard-working and kind and good in his work. We were happy for him. He always turned to me for advice on issues and learning things about Trade Finance. When things go right, many envious eyes spoil it. I was not superstituous. But recent experiences have led me to believe that envy does destruct. Immediately, on quitting and before joining the new job, he was afflicted with a stomach infection for which he was admitted to a hospital for a month. He was on heavy antibiotics and requested the new Bank to consider his late joining through a reference. This was a year back.

He finally joined the new job and won accolades for his good work. Again he happily announced it to the world and even scanned across his ‘certificates of appreciation’ to all. I’d warned him earlier and re-warned him again stating that everyone is not a well-wisher and good things should be shared with close family and well-wishing friends and relatives only. This was around 6-8 months back.

Three months back, he called again. ‘Ma’am, I’ve a kidney problem. Doc says both my kidneys have failed. I just have 3 months time. I don’t know what to do. I am scared to start dialysis as docs suggest. Or I need to look for a donor.’ I was shocked as the fellow is just 29 years old. I advised him to go for dialysis soon and not waste time further. He’d started some herbal/ ayurvedic medicine, which had helped him reduce his Creatinine level by 1. I didn’t know much about kidney failure then, so told him to follow his docs advise and not delay anything. Meanwhile I tried to find help in whichever way possible. Knowledge about kidney failure, any medicines available and the likes and informed him. But I was obviously disturbed. After a month, he called back half-upset. He’d done his Creatinine test, and the drop by 1 increased by another 1 and stood at 11. His family members were crying and he’d lost all hopes of survival. Their only hope was a donor, which they were unable to find. That’s when he asked me, ‘Why me, Ma’am? I never smoked, I never drank. I didn’t do any bad things in life. Then why this happened to me?’ I had no words. I wanted to tell him about how life and the thereafter works. About God’s tests and trials for good people. But that was not the right time and would suggest something negative to him. So I just advised him to start dialysis. And keep other options on, side by side. Also advised him to quit job if that was acting as a deterrent and concentrate on his health.

Presently (since a month) he’s doing dialysis twice a week (Sun and Thu) and thankfully his company allows him a weekly off on Thursdays and allows him to leave in decent hours on other days. He’s looking for a donor and some advice on kidney related matters. If anyone can help, please leave a comment . Your prayers will also help.

12th March was World Kidney Day. I want to ask everyone – Why are people falling prey to such diseases so often now? And that too at such young ages? Once upon a time, kidney failure was a rare disease. And scared us all. It’s still scary, but we hear of it more often now. What is going wrong? Are our lifestyles to blame? Are we failing in our diets? Are the junk we eat are to be blamed? Are too many antibiotics the cause? Or are these effects of allopathy medicines? Take the above case for example. The person was under hospitalisation for a month. And a few months later, he was diagonised with kidney failure. Or are we indulging in too much self medication ‘coz we don’t have the time nor inclination to go to the doctor.

Let’s take this case of a girl, who had a severe dental cavity resulting in acute pain in the tooth. The girl was shy to go to the dentist as all the dentists in the locality were males. So she resorted to self medication. Whenever the pain occurred, she took Combiflam tablets to subside the pain. Overdose of the tablets over a period of time had a negative impact on her kidneys. Both her kidneys failed. But by the time her treatment started, it was too late. She expired at a very young age. May God grant her peace.
Vaguely, it can be said that today’s stressful lifestyle, dietery habits (including content of food and time of eating) and self medications contribute to kidney failures. It can also result as side effects of some medicines/ antibiotics. Hope to highlight details through a thorough research soon (working on it), inshallah.

May God keep us away from chronic and life-taking diseases!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I want to be happy

I want to be happy
I want to be alive.
Once upon a time when I lived
I loved music, painting and writing.
Now it’s only banking.
And working day and night
And craving to see daylight.
Else its only tubelights and huge monitors,
And a few minutes to grab a bite!
Today my little moments of joy
Are just seeing daylight on Sundays,
Having a meal on time,
Sitting with family on weekends;
My weekends only mean a Sunday.
My idea of an outing
Means going to office by road instead of train
So that I catch a glimpse of the city;
And once in a while, a movie with siblings!
I use ‘kajal’ not as a cosmetic,
But to keep my eyes cool.
I’ve not seen the South, Central of Mumbai for months
‘Coz I do not have time.
I am just a zombie now.
Just work, office and me!
I want to be alive again.
Just me, love, and things I like.
I used to smile a lot earlier
But want life to smile at me now
Pic courtesy :