Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nothing to show ?

Last week my youngest brother was in Mumbai from Pune. We were watching a music channel and the song ' Shut up and bounce' from Dostana came up. First comes John in small swimming trunks revealing his well toned body. Then Shilpa dances around in various revealing outfits to be joined in by more girls in swimming suits. This goes on for a while. And then apna Abhishek Bacchan enters fully dressed from head to toe. I exclaimed loudly, 'I guess he has nothing to show'! And my brother burst out laughing. Then we both giggled away!

While on the topic of Abhishek, let me add something more. I guess, everyone's seen the 'Airtel' wala ad wherein Abhishek practices speaking to Sachin Tendulkar. Finally, he ends up speaking nervously when Sachin actually calls. Whenever my Mom sees it, she says 'Yeh to yeda hai. Isko toh bolne bhi nahin aata'. I guess it's because the ad looks quite real. And to top it, she's seen him monkeying around in the 'Genda Phool' song of 'Delhi 6'. She hardly watches movies.


sushant said...

u got it spot on
he has very few gud movies in where he has act put up sum display..overall he is jus a waste can hardly act n very much over-rated actor!!

Shagufta said...

Poor Abhishek!