Thursday, July 02, 2009

New York - the Movie

I watched New York this Sunday with family. I must say that it's a fabulous movie without a single dull moment. The cinematography, the storyline, the message, the editing - everything's sleek. Seen a sleek hindi action movie like that after ages. 'Dhoom' fitted the bill earlier. The film has you gripping till the end. The acting of each character is remarkable and sensitive. Overall, the film is excellent. And all without any item numbers, vulgar dialogues, loud comedy, skimpily clad women and the like.... The message is loud a clear. A good movie can be made minus these ingredients.

Go watch the movie!
'Angels and Demons' was another movie seen prior to 'New York' which had me gripping to the seat. Though, I'd not read the novel, I enjoyed the movie nevertheless. It will make more sense if you understand the subtleties and history of religion.


sk said...

I will go by your review and Insha Allah I will try to see the movie...

Shagufta said...

hmm, go ahead!