Sunday, July 19, 2009

Almost Ready!

That was pretty fast indeed. 3-4 months, I think. I am referring to the skywalk at Mira Road. While other skywalks in the heart of Mumbai city are still struggling completion, the one at Mira Road is just waiting for its' finishing touches!

But as with public services in Mumbai, the old, the 'special' and sick people are never considered while designing any infrastructure. And the same applies for the skywalks as well. We do look forward to escalators at Railway stations and at the end of such skywalks in the near future. This will be a boon to the old people and those suffering from joint related problems.


sushant said...

yea it did come in pretty gud time, was keepin da track of da happenings from ur blog...but as me home now i wuld say atleast its helpful durin monsoons like considerin da floodin n chaos downstairs it can surprisingly serve as a boon!

Shagufta said...

I just read in the newspaper that the opening of the skywalk will be delayed due to some issues between MMRDA and Western Railway. Too bad.