Friday, November 15, 2013

Gog and Magog and Dhul Qarnayn

I found this informative video which says more than words. A lot of data on Dhul Qarnayn, Dajjal (Anti Christ), the second coming of Jesus, Gog-Magog from Quran and Hadiths is summarised with a wonderful commentary and breathtaking visuals.

A must see for Muslims and even non Muslims who want to know what Quran states about things that will happen towards the end of the world. Maybe some things have already begun. Allah knows best.

Focused and back!

Hey friends, its nice to be back on apna Blog. And once again focused in life. And to have a purpose. A good one. No matter how lucrative and social forum Facebook appears, it has its 'Grey areas'. You have to add some friends as courtesy, be constantly monitored, have to bear with posts of friends you don't agree with. And if this was not enough, have your personal data monitored by international agencies. Its so much like spreading yourself thin. And if God forbid anything happens to you, the media would get into it and spread your life all over television! Your pics, your posts and speculate your thoughts! Scary!!!! Being on a networking site tempts you to keep uploading pics, mostly to show off! And they could be misused too!

You are constantly checking updates, wasting time, getting anxious/ excited over non issues! Then fuming over friends and acquaintances affiliations! Its like everyone is entering your personal space and demanding to know everything about you. What you're doing and where you're going. And so much wastage of time. If you want to connect with friends, pick up the phone and talk. Or message them. Though many find it funny that I am not on Watsapp, but the fact remains that as of now.

A blog has its own bright points, though networking sites have wider reach. Only people who want to read what you write for learning or for debating or like your writing skills read your articles. And the people who read blogs are usually smarter. ;-)

I hope to keep writing and posting. If God wills.