Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Come, feel the rains!

I came across this pic and it reminded me of the Saturday rains ! Come experience the rains (though virtually- esp those can't enjoy the real thing)!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rains thru our Windows

Yes, like I said earlier, rains pour on Mumbai especially during the weekends! Last weekend we had Stormy Saturday-Sunday and this Saturday we had the rains raging on us, beginning Friday night. Since it was holiday in most offices and half day in others and many parts of financial market were closed, people didn't take much of a chance and preferred to stay back home.

But soon after, they lost touch of what's happening as water levels kept rising up and areas where Reliance Energy provides electricity, were stripped of power (only to be restored late in the night)! No television, no radio, no light (it was cloudy and dull), only the force of the rains provided excitement. And so did the cool breeze!

Though I was at home only, I kept clicking through all our windows and captured many rainy pictures on my mobile.