Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saifee Hospital shimmers at night!

A few days ago, the religious leader of the Bohra community - Sayedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb - turned 100 years old. In celebration, the Saifee Hospital has been illuminated with lights since the past 2 weeks. The hospital has a Victorian design and is a wonderful piece of architecture by itself. Situated near Opera House, right opposite Charni Road station, it is a viewer's delight. The current illumination at night makes it look like a beautifully dressed up bride all glowing in happiness!

Check out the pictures taken from Charni Road station by me. The pictures do not do justice to what it actually looks like at night these days, though most people are tempted to click pictures! Also attaching a non-illuminated pic, the topmost one (not clicked by me) for reference.

Lost n found - Part 2

My first lost and found experience was very 'filmi'. (check link :

My second lost and found experience was in first week of Feb 2011 and a simpler than my previous experience.

I was on my way to office from Mumbai Central station. Took a cab in sharing with a few ladies going towards Worli. On reaching destination, we shelled out Rs.10/- each from our purses. I did the same from my blue shimmering pouch where I carried my money and a debit card, got off the cab and got to work at office....

Towards afternoon, when I wanted to go for a sandwich, I opened my handbag to look for my blue purse. I looked at all the corners, but it wasn't there. I remembered picking it up from home and also having it in the cab. There was a possibility of having left it in the cloakroom in the office. I went and had a look. No, it wasn't there. I left a word with the pantry in-charge of the branch to keep and eye and inform me if found. The second possibility was that I might have dropped the purse while thrusting it back into the back after getting down. So it was possible that the purse might have dropped in the compound outside. I went and had a look near the bushes and the compound. No luck again... The purse had a few hundred rupees (800, to be precise) and my debit card. The only saving grace was that my mobile phone was not in it. I'd removed it to take my call and thrown it in the handbag. Hence, I didn't even realise that my purse was missing.

All possible ways to locate it had failed. Next step was to hotlist my debitcard. This was done immediately. But I was left with no money nor means to withdraw it. Thankfully, my chequebook was with me. Since I am a banker and worked there and the debit card was of my bank, it was easier to withdraw money from our Retail counter. I had to remove enough money to last a week as I had to make application for a new card and the waiting time is approx a week's time. The main hitch was my Food card, which was refilled monthly by my employer and was like our lunch allowance. Blocking, cancelling and re-applying for the same through HR was a task. Also, it being a prepaid card, it was easier to use by the finder, not that I'd kept lot of balance in it. Also I had no time, between rush hours to do it. I'd already wasted some time over my lost purse now.

I had a sandwich and lassi from Aarey stall and got back to work. Towards evening our security guard came in our department asking for me. He asked me whether I'd lost my purse in the taxi. 'Yes', I said. He added 'Madam, woh taxiwalla aaya hai'. I was surprised, how this could've happened. I distinctly remembered pushing my purse in my handbag. Maybe while doing so, since I had a lot of things on mind that day, in the stress I might have put it back at the side of my bag and 'plop' it fell down on the floor on the backseat. I was happy to have my money and Food card back. Debit card was just hotlisted, so missed out on that front. But I was keen to see that cab walla. I had remembered the cab distinctly that day as the make of the taxi was a Maruti 800 (unlike the usual dirty old Padminis). The cab walla was dressed in neat white uniform, well groomed, had a 'Safar dua' hanging at the front.

I went out with my security guard to meet the cabbie. While I was going, almost all in the people in the bank had come to know that a cabbie-driver had brought my purse back. The security guard was new and didn't know my name, hence he had asked a few people in other sections my name before he came to me. The driver had gone my name from my Debit Card, I guess. He might have opened my purse to check my identity. I reached the bank entrance. There I saw the cabbie-driver. There was another boy alongwith him. On seeing me, he said that he was sorry that he came back so late to return my purse as he'd gone the other side of the city after dropping us here in the morning! He was truly humble to say that as he'd actually done me a favour and I was grateful to him. Then he explained that as he was passing by this way with a 'bhada' (passenger), he stopped by to give my purse. He wasn't sure which was my office, but he took a chance and asked if someone with my name was working there. And that's how I was reached. I thanked him profusely. His current passenger was also excited about the event and had come alongwith him. I offered the driver a few hundreds in gratitute, but he refused to take anything. And went back smiling....