Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Say the Right Things - Be a Savvy Communicator!

Good speakers, authors and people whose talks / videos make a difference to your lives are hard to come by. A good book or good video on business communication always interests me. And one such person whose communication videos, online training lessons and books have made a difference to my life is Dan O'Connor.

Dan O'Connor is an eminent speaker, communication trainer and an author. His videos on YouTube under the banner of Online Communication Training are well known and followed by many. When I started watching them, I was a changed person. His style of training is easy and humorous and loved by many. His style got me hooked. And I went from one video to another, got hold of the books he's written and also downloaded some online courses. And everything was worth it. I have been following the speaker-cum-trainer-cum-author for quite some time now. His dealing with negative people tactics, his power phrases v/s danger phrases and his energy vampire slaying techniques are well known. They have changed the lives of many. It made me more confident, assertive and ready to take on the world.

What would be more exciting than knowing than Dan O'Connor has now made his presence in India. His books are being launched in India through Intellifox Designs. The first book of his to be available in India at local rates is "Say This-Not That!" The book is available in India through Amazon.in and Flipkart. And reasonably priced at Rs. 299, though currently available at promotional rates. And this is just the beginning, as is obvious from the attached video. So, what are you waiting for, guys? If you are a resident of India and have not been able to afford good business communication books from across the seas OR are Dan O'Connor's fan too OR just want to be a savvy communicator, get your copy of 'Say This - Not That!' It is a book you can add to your collection, if you have one.