Monday, November 12, 2007

Long time, no post

Long time, no post. Work and life's again keeping me busy. But I did post something on my Girlie blog (check link to the right)

It was a eventful last week with Diwali fervour all around. This week has brought mixed feelings to me. It has brought memories and meetings with old friends. It also brought fun this weekend since all were at home due to the extended weekend due to Diwali holiday. The past week was not only about old memories of childhood, youth, previous work branch etc; it also set me thinking about what the future held for me!

We had a small party on our office terrace on Wednesday (7thNov) in the evening. Even the office was decorated with mini kandeels and usual festive stuff. We had also made rangoli in office like every year. But this time 80% of the staff in our department were new! For them it was their first Diwali in our bank. This was also the first time that I didn't help with the rangoli. It was time to give the younger, fresher staff a chance to feel part of the team. There was a time, when my earlier neighbours from RBI quarters used to approach me to make rangoli at their doorstep since I am at creative art. People adored my work. Its been 5-6 years since we moved to our new place now. Still miss the excitement of that place!

On 8th Nov, we all dressed in Traditional attire in office with females in sarees. This time again I could not wear a saree. Every year I look forward to this one day where I can wear a saree. But due to hectic schedule and so many things on my mind, I couldn't manage to stitch a blouse. And thus I lost the chance to wear a saree. Maybe I'll get many such occasions in the future. But I went in my traditional best in a salwar khameez. Same evening I was called to attend a party filled with games and competitions at my previous Fort branch. I had to complete work at the earliest and rush there. It felt great to meet old friends-cum-colleagues. There were many new faces there too. I was happy and at the same time my mind was saying- 'I am slowly becoming part of the older generation now'. Everthing old has to finally pave path for the new! The return journey with two old colleagues in the train was filled with talk of old times, funny anecdotes from our respective branches, usual office cribbing and sharing some latest events of our lives.

The next day, i.e. 9th Nov, was a bank holiday on account of Diwali. But again there seemed no chance of rest. The morning went in cleaning up my cupboard. I was following what life had been pointing at in the last few days- the old should make way for the new. So I removed my old or unattended clothes and packed them up for giveway to some needy. Unless you clear the old, how will the new come into your life? The same evening I had to attend a good old friend's wedding. And our old group (named SCAMS) was meeting up! And yeah my sister is also part of our group and my youngest bro is also known to all. Don't wonder how someone could marry on Diwali day, coz that someone happens to a Catholic. The meeting of our gang after ages at the wedding was again lots of fun! We unmarried girls were discussing the pros and cons of marriage and being single. We wondered where life would take us from there.

10th Nov was a Saturday and half day for us. The Diwali mood was still on. There was hardly any work at office and we all left early. I wanted to revel in the holiday mood. So I called up my sister in office and decided to meet at a nearby Mall to eat, enjoy and shop! It was fun as we hogged on pizzas, garlic bread and also enjoyed a fun egyptian ride filled with eerie effects! We enjoyed getting little scared like kids! Then we shopped like all girls do!

Sunday was again fun as we had ordered 'Yakhni' (mutton pulao) and later we siblings (my sister and two brothers) went to watch 'Om Shanti Om'. The movie's fun if you enjoy the 'puns' and the projection of the exaggeration in Indian cinema. Most of it is intelligent humor. Not much stress is laid on the storyline. And neither does it have the usual melodrama. All in all, it can be labelled as a spoof on Indian cinema.

Finally its Monday today and everyone in office seemed bored after the fun filled weekend! Luckily today was US holiday on account of Veteran's day and Forex market was closed. So I could leave early again! Tomorrow its back to hard work and dull boring routine!