Sunday, July 05, 2009


MJ ceases to live among us. May his soul RIP. From SCAMS group. More about SCAMS some other time.

MJ's death has brought yet another Christian -Muslim debate to the fore. This time, it's a worldwide debate. In all my references to any comparative religion debates, I've always noticed that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is directly attacked and abused (is it because they do not have valid scientific points to debate on?). Whereas Muslims always respect Jesus (PBUH), accept his miraculous birth and his miracles and believe in is second coming (closer to 'Qayamat' or Day of Judgement). Only difference is that Muslims do not worship Jesus (for that matter, even Prophet Muhammed) nor consider him to be 'Son' of God (since attributing human qualities to God is considered a sin). Also do not believe in his 'crucification'. But the funniest thing in MJ's death is that many Christians even alienate Jehowah's Witness (JW) followers and do not consider them 'proper' Christians.

Whether Christian or Muslim or JW, let us not 'loose talk' about a dead man (as Allah/ God would have preferred it, as HE alone is the best judge). Let MJ's soul RIP.

Refer to related article about 'Micheal Jackson's Funeral' on Archbishop Cranmer's blog and all the consecutive debates through various comments which follow it. Makes interesting reading.

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