Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome back!

Look at the sky in Mumbai two days back (on Sunday, the 8th of Nov). It was terribly hot. I was irritated with the heat. I was watching the sun about to go down, when I noticed the clouds. I exclaimed that it might rain. Though it seemed unlikely then, almost 30 hours later it rained during the night following Monday in the far suburbs.

Then on the morning of 10th Nov (Tuesday), the rain had spread throughout Mumbai. The weather turned cool, much to the relief of people like me who hate heat. Though it isn't raining heavily (and still is as I write this), I welcome the rains back to Mumbai. Don't mind having had to walk in the rains (sans an umbrella!) from work.


sk said...

The cyclonic effect has already created much havoc in the west coast of India. Still, I miss the Mumbai rains...

picasa said...

Hi Shagufta,
You have a wonderful blog going on for you.Please keep the good work going on.
BTW,I hate the heat in Mumbai as much as you do & the past 3 days have been a refreshing change from the near October heat kind of syndrome that had hit this city.
I am thinking of shifting to Mira Road by the beginning of next year & would like to be enlightened by you on the standard of living & the comfort of a reasonably good life in Mira Road.
Shall you like to guide me in this matter?

Shagufta said...

Thanks Sk and Picasa for your comments! Sorry for late response as I was held up with personal matters.

I just had a taste of real cold weather, for a short while though! And now back in Mumbai to the same old weather.

As for life in Mira Road, its much better now since the 6 years back that we shifted here.

It has all facilities without being too congested. We have two Multiplexes- Cinemax and one at Thakul Mall (three including Max Mall towards Bhayender). A few years back, there were none. Recently there's also a MacDonald's near Mira Bhayendar Road. Also a cool skywalk, a nice a market area in Sector 4, Shanti Nagar. In short, Mira Road is vast now and extends till Kanakia/ Beverly Park on the other side of Mira Bhayander Road.

Only issue will be getting into a train from the station. If the trains run in time (till it did until Laloo went) with the addition of trains last year, things are manageable. Else you have to learn. Else go to Borivali and change. Other option is to get into Dadar bound train and change at Bandra (if u're headed towards Churchgate). Andheri locals are much better to get into tho'. So no worries if u work there. If you're headed towards Borivali, then chill. There are special trains running from Virar to Borivali and run almost empty.

Hope this helps!