Monday, September 28, 2009

World Heart Day- 27th Sept 2009

The World Heart Day this year was extra special for me because my Dad underwent coronary bypass surgery on 10th Sept 2009 under the supervision of Mr Ramakant Panda (the 'PM's doc' as he is fondly called after he performed surgery on Dr Manmohan Singh sometime back ). Though he's a highly acclaimed doctor and is often seen on Page 3, he's extremely down-to-earth. As he's very busy, I got a chance to see him only once, when we went to consult him. He lets his work speak, while he speaks less.
Dad's fine and recovering at home now. I'd like to thank all the friends and colleagues (mine and my sister's) who donated blood for the surgery. They were more friends of family members who were ready to donate in case of emergency. A 'big thanks' also to all family members and friends who stood as moral support. Also all those who prayed for my Dad in different ways and always wished well for him - this was all possible because of you. The phone still rings non-stop enquiring about his health which, thanks to Allah, is fine.
The wonderful staff at Asian Heart Institute and the ever helpful doctors at the hospital helped in easing our worries. The pre-operation education to the patient and his family by the hospital prepares both mentally for the surgery. Every incision and tube as will be visible after surgery is explained in detail. The updates every two hours during the 9 hour long surgery of my Dad proved to be like a oasis in our endless desert-like wait from 6 am to 3 pm! Even while the patient is in ICU, counselling sessions (which include patient health updates) are provided twice daily for the family. Even the post operative sessions for patient and family are quite helpful in fast recovery.
From the liftman to the ward boy to the nurse to the doctors, everyone at Asian Heart Institute was helpful and always ready to guide and help us. This was definately in contrast to our experience in a well known suburban hospital we'd admitted Dad to earlier in August.
People warned us that the hospital was expensive, but in comparison to the services they provided and the technology they used ('beating heart' on 'Octopus' instead of the traditional 'Heart Lung' machine), the charges were nominal. And everything was covered in the bill. No hidden payment. And the bill was clean too. Refunds were given wherever applicable. The arrangement for a family member to stay back was good too. The top hospitals providing same services or technology charge more and some hospitals purposely elongate stay to increase bill. Though my Dad underwent 5 grafts, he was discharged in 8 days!
Like the posters of Akshay Kumar screaming out in the premises of the hospital, I'd also like to say - Dial 126 126 in case of any heart emergency!
People, do take care of your heart and your health
1) Keep your weight in control
2) Eat healthy
3) Exercise or walk a lot
4) Be stress-free
5) Don't smoke
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I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience about hospitals, heart diseases and people's reactions in such times which I'd like to share with all. But through a separate post soon, inshallah.


sk said...

Shagufta, hope your father is doing fine after the surgery.
The information you conveyed about the Asian Heart Institute will prove to be beneficial for many people. Many years back, I had taken my father for the same surgery to one of the private hospitals in Calcutta. They were charging an exorbitant rate for the same out there. Finally, we went to Dr. Devi Shetty in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. Dr. Devi Shetty is one of India's most famous heart surgeons. And the amount the hospital was charging at that time was quite nominal and affordable. I got the opportunity to meet Dr. Shetty and was quite impressed. Many years later, Times of India,Mumbai, dedicated a full page to this doctor. I also read an article in Readers Digest about him and his works. Later, he founded the Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital chains, and spreading the same in many parts of the country. He also designed Yashasvini, the worlds cheapest comprehensive health scheme (@Rs 5/month) for the poor in Karnataka. Recently, I saw him on TV, when he was suggesting this idea to the Government for the benefit of whole of India. It was sad to hear about the reactions he received from some our top most politicians in New Delhi.
He deserves all the praise we can give.

Shagufta said...

Nice to hear about Dr Devi Shetty. I'd not heard of him before. But I do know about Manipal Hospital in Mangalore (not Bangalore) because I've heard of people going to that hospital for major surgeries and cures. Once upon a time there were no good cardiac hospitals for small children in Mumbai too. Now, of course, there are competitive hospitals in all major cities. And though some charge a lot, most salaried people are covered under cashless insurance and you see even middle class people availing of these facilities.
My Dad is fine now. Completed a month of surgery. Now he has been told to slowly get back to his routine activities. It feels nice to see him getting normal. Of course, a lot of credit goes to my mom for being a very good nurse to him.