Friday, January 12, 2007

Wats happening????

We are more worried what's happening in other parts of the world and never fail to highlight terrorism by giving it an Islamic lining, but fail to even take up the issue of terrorism in North East which has been going on since ages !!! And that too, killing one's own countrymen just because they belong to a different region !!! Is this justice ?

Its funny how we are interested in the Kashmir issue because votes can be earned there by making it a religious issue from either religion side, but though the problem in Assam is as old, we ignore it as if it does not exist. Or do we not acknowledge the presence of entire North east region at all? I've been to that region while my Dad was posted there for a while. The military and their checking of private vehicles and places is part of people's lives there. But we never even talk about it. Because there's no political issue there !

Another question- Why do we always target the poor biharis? Treating them as sub standard people. They are the ones who go to any part of the world and do any work for survival. And as far as I know, working hard for a living is not a crime ! And so is migrating for work! Don't we go to UK, US and other countries to earn a living?

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