Thursday, January 25, 2007

I wanna be a Good Blogger

Hey, everyone seems to be having good blogs and updating the same everyday. Mine looks so dull and thakela. And to think there was a time I just wrote a lot ! And seeing the stuff I am updating my blog with, people who know me well since years wouldn't be too happy. Of course, they have better expectations from me.

But I am not to be blamed, yaar. I access the net only from home. And I am hardly at home. Just in office. Leave home at 8.30 am and back at 10.00 pm / 10.30 pm or later.

Who has time these days? And I try to fit in some religious activities into that. Prayers, thats what I need these days!

But I seriously need to get back to my hobbies - reading, writing, painting, sketching, singing.... Life seemed so nice when I used to do all that. Now life's just Me and my Job! Also need a special someone to come back home to! I am not so bad looking, am I? Then wats the prob? Maybe, destiny .... (Not too comfortable posting my snap, hence the watercolour effect)

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