Sunday, December 30, 2007

When the world will be celebrating......

Its the end of yet another year!

Every year comes with a new hope, new resolutions. 'Cause only these things are in our hands! What's actually in store for us only God knows!

This has been a very eventful year internationally.

But let's talk about India.

On the Indian front...

...the stock market boomed

...the rupee value rose

...the Hindi cinema seeing a more realistic approach

...the low budget movies were surprise hits whereas the big budget ones were a disaster!

...Modi's modus operandi was revealed, shocked people, but soon forgotten as people gave him yet another chance!

...Terrorism showed its ugly face in many places!

...Security in Mumbai increased with CCTVs, police at all Railway stations and people getting more alert by the day (or are they?)

...Prices rose and so did Malls, multiplexes and in turn, the economy!

...Four railway tracks finally became a reality on the Virar line

...We had reality talent shows on nearly all TV channels and nearly all channels were churning out singers. Wonder where the present ones will go!

...Himesh transformed from a nasal singer to a Hindi phillum 'hero'

...Abdul Kalam stepped down as the President and made way to the first woman President of India- Pratibha Patil.

...Railways made huge profits and also added a number of 'Garib Raths' (economical trains) and cargo services affecting a lot of truckwallahs!

and a lot lot more.....

Internationally too a lot of events, happenings took place. The US dollar fell, the EURO got stronger... just to name a few. But the year ended with a shocking event in our neighbouring country - Benazir Bhutto was assasinated!

Personally, the year was no good. It was in fact, 'a disaster' disguised as a beautiful dream

But as the New Year 2008 comes closer to us, we all have our share of dreams, hopes and resolutions.

But before that all are preparing for the New Year's Eve tomorrow. Everyone has plans. Some will party, some will go for a late night dinner, some will attend some new year event.

But when the world will be celebrating, we will be working as usual. The usual work hours, the usual work, the usual travel back home! Oh, what it is to be a banker these days! Especially those in Operations!


samurai said...

happy new year,shagufta.
u were missing from ur blog for a long time.
u have to start focussing on the silver lining,in case there are really any clouds.

Drbharucha said...

I must say.. Owsome.. I've been around blogs for a while.. and noticed few of them r in good shape and maintained.. Urs is one of them. Anyw. Wish u Happy 2008.. and wish I may some good post from ur side..

Shagufta said... friend! Yes, clouds there were many! I wish them away this year!!! Phoooh!!! But my absense was also partly because of my PC and Net connection which ditched me for abt 3 months! I promise to be more regular.

Thanks Drbharucha, nice to know people read my blog!

Wishing you both Happy New Year as well