Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year

Hmm... New Year's eve wasn't that bad, though. Managed to leave for dinner and catch up with sister and her colleague at 'Kalash' at Raghuleela (closer to home and safe) and had special Gujarati 'unlimited' thali (though our girlie appetites were quite 'limited'). That's the best place we could decide at the nth hour coz we didn't know when we'd complete our work. But we had our deadlines, so left in a short while. Reaching there took more time than the time we were actually there. While we left, the crowd was pouring in. Mostly families who'd nowhere to go had generally gone to Malls like these, which are multiplying by the day!

We brought in the new year with my youngest brother's birthday (1st Jan). We cut the cake. And like every year it was wishing time at home- New Year and B'day time! We had a family huddle and that gave each of us strength to face the world. Alhamdulillah for such a beautiful family and beautiful moment.

I am sure this New Year's going to be happy.

I have so many plans. Preparation for writing a book. But before that a website of my own, Inshallah!

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