Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Revolutionalising Publishing -On the Pavement!

Hey, many of the small time writers face the problem of having their books published. The established publishing houses do not want to take chances with new, unknown writers! They will ask you whether you know any celebrity, who can be called for the lauch of your book. Some will just give lame excuses or even discourage you to drive you away!

This is exactly what Dr Shailendra Vaishampayan went through when the writing-bug bit him! He is a practicing Doctor (homeopathic) and has a clinic in Mira Road and Andheri. Apart from the usual hassles of publishing, he also realised that getting a book published involves a large sum of money! To combat all evils of publishing, Dr Vaishampayan, revolutionised the concept of Publishing under the banner -Pavement Publishers. This movement started by the doctor found many supporters in small as well a established writers. The idea of 'Pavement Publishers' (now run from the doc's house) is to launch a book on the pavement itself (without any celebrity) and sell it through the pavement booksellers! The writer has to only bear the cost of printing the book.

Dr Vaishampayan's first book as a writer, SATURN AND I, was launched in December 2007 on a pavement in Andheri (West).

Best of luck to him and his publishing concept!

Note - Await the review of the book on this page

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