Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nano- Watta name!

Hey, the World's cheapest car is here! It's been in the pipeline since long and people were waiting for its arrival. There's so much written about it everywhere. Everyone's talking about it. People are forwarding mails, speculating.... So I don't want to be another person talking or discussing about the price, the appeal, the safety or even the environmental hazards related to it!

What just appealed to me is it's name and the creativity behind it. The name says it all- NANO! The car's small in look and compact. In Gujarati (Tata's a Parsi and their mother tongue is Gujarati), 'Nano' means 'small' (pronounced as 'Naahno') and in English, 'Nano' is derived from the Italian word which means 'dwarf'. So scientifically, Nanotechnology deals with 'minutest' compotent of a substance or thing. Nanometer is equal to one billionth of a metre . So the name has a universal appeal and denotes what the car stands for!
The the name's 'superfine' as any Gujju would have said it !

Afterthought :

Me thinks, when a car worth a lakh rupees only gives you so much, why would anyone buy a Maruti 800? It's not great in appearance nor is on the high-safety list. I'd been wondering for a while now why a Maruti 800 costs as high as Rs2.5 lacs? But maybe that was the most basic and cheapest car for a beginner and person with low budget, so the company's been cashing in on it all thru the years! But finally now the even the commonest man's smiling!

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