Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thanks Laloo!

Thanks Laloo for ....

1) The 'New Look' trains with more ventilation and more space..... though they are just a handful now!

2) Increasing the timing of the First Class Ladies boogie from 9.15 pm to 11 pm!

Earlier there was only one Ladies compartment, which was further divided into two, out of which one section was Ladies for 24 hours, whereas the other was Ladies only from 7 am to 9.15pm ! Gone are the days when ladies used to work only from 9 am 5 / 6 pm. Women work same hours in most organisations. And organisations these days have no fixed timings !!!

3) Also increasing the timings of Second Class Ladies boogie adjoining Ladies First Class from 10 pm to 11 pm

This used to create a lot of nuisance for 'working ladies' travelling by train after a hectic and long working day! Many non- regular train travellers (as well as knowing-defaulters) used to stand near the Second Class and used to hop into the adjoining First Class (which itself was half after 9.15 pm) and create a terrible rush! This used to result into a daily fight between the first class ticket holders (who could not enjoy comfort even after 10 pm!) and the stubborn second class commuters! And all this inspite of the fact that there are two more '24 hours' Ladies second class compartments which not so crowded after 10 pm! But everyone looks for convenience as Ladies First Class is always near the staircase on the platform and who wants to walk down to the next boogie?! Damn the law and rules!

This also used to result in a scenario of one section of Ladies First Class becoming 'General Class' after 9.15 pm on one side and the entire Second Class Ladies becoming 'General Class' from 10pm on the other side. And we had men peeking from both sides into a small left-over section of Ladies compartment and passing comments!!!

4) Adding some new trains from Andheri to Virar as well as from Bhayander/Virar to Borivali.

This has helped commuters in a way! Of course, there's still a fight for a train every 5 mins between Virar-Churchgate and back! But for now, this is surely a good beginning! There a was a time when even four lines was a never-ending project!

One more request :
A lot of us take 'first class compartment' passes fearing the crowd on the Virar line by paying 3 to 5 times the price of a general compartment. But there are a lot of defaulters and law-breakers who get into a first class compartment when they see even an inch of space! Please help!

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