Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I stand corrected- Also read about Mumbai and the neighbouring cities with their Rails

My Dad was going thru my blog and he pointed out a mistake in my MEGA BLOCK post! Okay dearies, the area from beyond Bhayander to Virar is not covered under Thane Municipal Corpn. Only Thane city comes under the Thane Municipal Corpn. Thane city is part of it. Each station in between Bhayander and Virar have a separate Municipality. Like Nallasopara Municipality, Virar Municipality etc. Only Mira-Bhayander have a Municipal Corporation like Mumbai as of now. And it is only second to Mumbai.

He was explaining to me how based of the population of a place and development, an area is given a city status and have a Municipal Corporation to govern it. Places with lesser population and growth than a city, have a Municipality. Mumbai city ends with Dahisar. The station after that is Mira Road followed by Bhayander. There was once a proposal for including Mira Bhayander in the Mumbai Municipal Corpn. That time this was just a Municipality. At that time the areas were fast developing and population was equally growing. So the politicians of these areas thought it wise to give it a Municipal Corpn status before they lose it out to Mumbai ! And that's how matters stand now ! But Mira Bhayander still enjoy the MTNL seva of Mumbai and the telephone area codes are the same as of Mumbai. It forms part of Mumbai local clearing too. Mira and Bhayander can be easily accessed by road from Mumbai. After Bhayander there is a natural boundary in the form of a creek and the areas beyond can only be accessed via a Highway by road. Train is the easiest access there.


While I am on the topic of Mumbai and neighboring cities, let me give you an insight into Thane city and district. And for those who don't know, Thane district is a vast and big district. Thane city is part of it. Mumbai on the western line starts with Churchgate and ends with Dahisar. Places beyond that form part of Thane district including Mira Bhayander.

Thane city is a place (station) on the Central Railway and has a separate Municipal Corpn. This place also comes under Mumbai local clearing for convenience. It has a vast population too and people residing there consider themselves as Mumbaikars too!


People who're still confused, can refer to the diagram for better understanding. The brown lines depict the Western Railway line which starts from Churchgate and ends with Dahisar (last Mumbai station on western line) then goes upto Virar (considered local), then the same line extends to Ahmedabad and beyond (outstation). The red line shows the Central Railway line starting with CST and ending with Mulund (last Mumbai station on central line). It further goes to Pune. Central Railway is further divided into a separate line called Harbour Line (shown in Blue) which starts from CST, then separates and meets the main line at Kurla before separating again. It further crosses the 'Thane creek' beyond Mumbai and goes to Navi Mumbai and finally towards Pune

Check this link for detailed diagram : http://in.geocities.com/pbamp2002/railmap.gif

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samurai said...

hi,so ure not in mumbai,ive been uptil santa cruz,how long does it take to reach dahisar from churchgate,metros are coming up in blore and chennai,those ve got to be faster,also a bullet train projects coming up btw blore and chennai

Shagufta said...

I am very much a Mumbaiite... after explaining things also, u ask! Neways, I was on a Net sabbatical, so excuse me! (some other time)
It takes 55 mins to reach Dahisar from Churchgate via train provided trains are running on schedule. And another 5 (or less) mins to reach Mira Road.
Total distance from Churchgate to Borivali is 34 kms (total train time via fast train= 50 mins)
Hope its clearer now

samurai said...

did u hear the sivaji songs?the films releasing tomorrow.
ive been driving myself crazy studying

Shagufta said...

Yeah, I've been trying to get hold of 'em since u mentioned last time. Then got busy. We have a kid in office(just fresh from campus) from Chennai who's with us for training learning Exports from us. We're trying to teach him Hindi and telling him why Chennai's called so! :) I asked him abt Shivaji songs. My bro has 'em in his office in Pune. I tried searching on Net yesterday. Got the link but thats not so good with Hello Hello of Smiley Ads screaching in between! Send me a good link, pls!

Shagufta said...

Okay... I got it! On Musicplug.in
LIstening to 'Sahana saral Thoo'.... It has a familiar feel and voice... And then realised that the male voice was that of Udit Narayan! Will check out the others too