Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday at Tikuji ni Wadi

Sunday was a day of fun and relaxation at Tikuji Ni Wadi (amusement park plus resting place). It was also a day after my parent's 34th Wedding Anniversary (19th May). So decided a day out. This is actually a Chickoo wadi, which was later converted to an amusement park. The original wadi remains as it is. Khatiyas (cots) have been added all over the chickoo plantations so that people can enjoy a sound sleep under the shade of the chickoo trees. Generally older people prefer to sleep there and basically come to relax. The other parts have been developed as an amusement park. There are also cottages available on rent at the wadi.

It is located at Manpada (Thane) and can be accessed by Thane bus from Mira Road (starting point). It takes approx 40 mins. You can get down at Manpada bus stop and take an autorickshaw till the park. Else can be accessed easily from Central line locations.

It was fun and relief from life's stress as I sat on the rides after ages and felt like a kid all over again. The Giant wheel, the jhula (where u actually feel relaxed and top of the world instead of giddy), the Spinning Coaster (which is quite exciting as it falls, drops, swings, stops, starts... cool). The line for the bumping cars was too big, and who has the patience to wait? 'Go Karting' is my fav sport, but its no fun without my little brother, so skipped that too since he's not in town. Enjoyed the time pass on the 'mini train'. Clicked snaps of clay animals. Sky cycle is fun, but who will cycle in the May sun?

There was a time when I was not comfy with many exciting rides. Then I learnt the rule of screaming when scared. It lets out the excitement from within you and you enjoy the fun instead of getting scared. Screaming releases your bottled up excitement and energy. Keeping quiet while on an exciting and little scary ride makes you feel giddy.

Just 'saw' the Water Park there towards evening. There's no dress code there as Esselworld. Didn't venture into the pool (which was already overcrowded) nor got wet in the showers in the other pool since didn't have a change of clothing. All in all it was a fun day out.

The problem is while going back, esp for those staying on the Western line. Though it is easy for getting into a Thane bus from Mira Road, it is difficult to get into the same bus while coming back from Manpada as it is already packed. Finally you have no option but to take an autorickshaw, who wait like vultures when they hear of Mira Road and charge you a full Rs 200 approx for a return journey!

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