Monday, May 14, 2007

Naya Phonwa!

I have already bought a new mobile phone 10 days back - K750i. But I'd developed this 'phone- losing phobia' so continued using my old handset for a week. Started using my new handset from this Saturday evening only. And I am getting used to a Sony (I've used one before) now after Nokia and Motorola.

Its got the features I wanted including a good camera (much better than the previous one!). This is a proper camera phone with focus, flash light, lense-cover and many in-built features. But still there are some features of Motorola and Nokia that I will miss. But overall its a good bargain. But the sad part is that a major chunk of my bonus went into buying it.

While the mobile fever (of losing and acquiring a new one) is still on, let me list some phone etiquettes and some important tips.

1. Always keep your first contact as AAA and save the number as 0. That way even if by mistake the first number gets dialled again and again in the rush hour in trains inside your purse or pockets, the number will not get connected. Of course your keypads gotta be locked, but just in case you forget. We all are humans, after all ! This auto dialling of first number had got into me into an embarrassing situation once and I will remember it for life. After that my first number is always A or AAA. For safety, you can add as many As in the name and as many zeros in the number! :)

2. Please keep dialogues out of your ringtone. It may sound cool as a college student but is a nuisance in office where all are working quietly. Also, in office, a cute dialogue-walla ringtone might sound good once, but again and again it might cause irritation to others.

3. Also avoid sms ringtones in the form of loud declarations like 'message aaya, message aaya......' proclaimed in excitement by a kiddy voice or 'U got a message' in a husky manly voice if you get several messages in a day. Its okay for people who use sms sparingly.

4. Keep your mobile in Silent mode in cinema halls, meetings and other places where important discources/ seminars/ events are being held. It causes disturbance to others

5. Girls can carry their mobile phones in trendy pouches available these days. That will add to your style quotient as well as reduce the possiblity of it being snatched from or falling off your hand. It also acts as a protective cover to your phone.

6. Be careful of your caller tunes too. It reflects your personality in a way. And having item numbers is not advisable. Different types of people call you. One of them could be an elderly respectable person. Save them the embarrassment. Also if you are a corporate guy/ gal and get several official calls, then better to use instrumental music only. Many songs are also available in music form. Alternatively, use a soft ghazal / song. I had music on my mobile for long. I broke my rule only for the 'Salaam Namastey' songs. I like all the songs of that movie. My present caller tune is 'Sili Sili tapti raaton mein' in Adnan's heavy voice prior to which I had 'Teri mastani anjaani baaton ko mera salaam'. Its always a good bet to use neutral songs about life, love etc instead of songs with blaring declarations or hot numbers.

Thats all friends. Samachaar samapt huey.


samurai said...

does it have the anti theft feature that is coming on an ad

Shagufta said...

No, it doesn't. I have not taken a very expensive fone. :( U pay more and get more features. But I've decided to at least have a password on this one so that at least it gets locked when someone else uses it.

samurai said...

i think insurance for mobiles should be there,maybe it is there already

Shagufta said...

No use having the same... These mobile companies have clauses that it should not get lost due to negligence etc. Then u have to produce police papers. And who has time to do running around the police? All the insurance which is offered by mobile companies is just a sham! They will ensure that all clauses which will not hold them liable to pay are there!