Monday, May 28, 2007

Sugar Free Love!

I saw 'Cheeni Kam' today. And just loved it. It's sweet. It's about Love, spice and all things nice! It's nicely made. It's cute. It's hilarious. And, Tabu just looks ravishing in it!

The story's about a 34 year old girl (Tabu) and a 64 years old Chef (Amitabh) falling in Love. To top it all, the girl's father is just 58 years! That adds to the fun. Finally it leaves a message that love is more important than age and can happen to anyone, anytime! It also tells us that life and death are in God's hand. So, though Amitabh's mother of 85 years (Zohra Sehgal) is still alive and full of life, there's a girl of 10-12 years, who has cancer and can die any moment. Also, though Paresh Rawal is 58 years, he is surrounded with a lot of age related problems, because he feels and acts like an old man. On the other hand, Amitabh is 64 years but young at heart and has no ailments as such and is much fitter than Paresh.

Go watch it. Why? Because me liked it ! But mainly because Indian junta needs a lot of lessons on age. Its only in India and its neighboring countries where so much hype is created over age!

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