Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gajalee ! Joint for fish lovers!

If you're a sea food lover, then 'Gajalee' is the place for you. I discovered it some 2 years back when one of our office colleagues suggested the same for the department's dinner after many months of long toiling in office. It was at Marol and close to our office. On reaching there, I realised that the place was a 'fish and seafood lover's delight'.

They actually show the fresh fish and the live prawns and crabs (tho' I don't eat crabs myself) before being cooked. The place at Marol is not as big and was told by my colleague that the main place is at Vile Parle. Later I had a chance to discover that place with a friend of mine and I loved the place. The place at Vile Parle is much bigger and better. The service is good. Recently I'd been there again but during non dinner hours, thats why I found it much empty. They also have several types of Indian breads to go with it like - Ghavne, Amboli and the usual tandoor rotis apart from chapatis. You can choose from fish and prawn masalas to their fried versions. You even have the fish and prawn biryanis to choose from. I had tried the 'bangda fry' this time since we dish out lovely bangda delicacies. But found the flavour missing there. But all in all its a good joint with good sea food.

I'd been to Mahesh Sea Food long long back at Fort. And its very crowded during lunch hours. Never got a chance to go there again. And when one compares the two, I would give more marks to Mahesh for their distinct Konkan flavour. Its more Goan and closer to what we cook at home.

Pic : Shows a staff at Gajalee (Vile Parle) holding live crab and tiger prawns alongwith a promfret (dead of course!)

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