Thursday, May 24, 2007

In search of the perfect person

I was watching a short TV movie on Star One and it left quite an impact on me and maybe on all those who might have watched it.

It holds true for so many of us in search of someone. The story is about a pretty girl, who rejects men citing many reasons and trying to slot them into some category. Finally, she realises that she gets along very well with her office colleague (actually her boss). Her sister and colleagues try their best to make things work between them. The girl in the story, though gets along well with the guy always refuses to accept her feelings for the guy cause he is not perfect in looks. He's fat and short. And she's pretty.

Finally her friends and sister reason out to her that 'love can arrive in any package'. Perfect guys/ gals exist only in romantic novels or movies. There is a difference between 'romance' and 'relationships'. And a perfect relationship is not just about looks. It's about 'getting along'. Some of us just keep waiting for the perfect guy/ gal and our wait goes on all life until we realise that its too late. We don't read about old couples getting cozy in romantic novels, do we? But in reality there are so many successful and happy old couples around us ! Finally the girl realises that she loves the person from within but is afraid of society's acceptance of their match together.

Yes, ain't that true? So many of us keep looking for the perfect guy or gal. Perfect in looks, height, colour, everything. Many pretty gals wait for a tall, dark/fair and handsome prince who is humourous as well as understanding to come along and carry them away. And guys keep looking for a fair, slim, sexy, naughty, educated plus traditional plus good cook plus religious plus blah blah...girl to make their house a home. We set up so many selection parameters for a life partner that in the bargain miss the true love that we come across. And when we wake up, its too late!

Lasting relationships are those with whom you can get along well as a friend, with whom you feel comfortable talking anything with ease, with whom you can laugh without a second thought. A person who can make you smile when you are low. A person who can understand your fears and help them put to rest.

But we keep looking for excitement quotient in a person. And many a times, people pretend to be romantic and sexy with their false talks. And when we choose based on this criteria, we are likely to get disappointed. And finally end up cursing our destinies. If we look for love and emotional compatibility, irrespective of looks and age, excitement follows. It's very rare in the reverse case.

So why do we keep searching and searching for the so called 'perfect person' ?

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