Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The benefits of Sujood (Sajda or Prostration)

I came across this article in my mail and thought of sharing the same with all.

Treatment for your Illnesses by doing Sujood

Sujood is elixir of Healthy life (Prostration)

  • If you are suffering from exhaustion or tension or permanent headache or nervousness and if you are afraid of tumors, so all you have to do is Sujood.

  • Sujood frees you from your psychological and nerves illnesses.

The latest result of a scientific study by Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed, Professor of Biological Sciences and Head of Food Radiation Department in Radiation Technology Center :

  • It is a common knowledge that a human being is exposed to extra waves of radiation and lives, in most cases, in the middle of electromagnetic fields which affects the cells and increase energy.

  • So, as stated by Dr. Diaa, Sujood frees the body from the extra waves that cause many diseases.
Communication between cells

  • It is a kind of a reaction between the cells. It helps the human being to feel the outer space and react with it.

  • Any increase in the electromagnetic waves to which the body is exposed, causes disruption in the cells and consequently the human being is infected by what is called the diseases of the era; such as headaches, muscles pain, neck pain, exhaustion in addition to forgetting things and non concentration.

  • This matter gets worse if the waves are too much and being blocked in the body. In that case, it causes cancer tumors and distortion of fetuses.

  • We have to get rid of these waves out of the body without taking medicines and tranquilizers and their bad side effects.
The Solution

  • There has to be an earthling’s connection to free these extra waves and this is to be done by Sujood to ALLAH Almighty, as we are ordered. This process is done by connecting the forehead to the floor.

  • In Sujood, the negative waves move from the body to the floor which is a negative pole. Consequently, the emptying process happens specially if you done the Sujood by your seven members (forehead, nose, hands, knees and feet).
Peculiar information :

  • The studies showed that, in order to empty the waves, you have to face Mecca in your Sujood. That is what we are all doing in our prayer (Quibla).

  • That is because Mecca is the centre of the Earth.

  • The studies revealed that Mecca is the best direction to free these waves because of facing the centre of the Earth which is effective in freeing the human being from his grieves to feel peacefulness afterwards.


tagha38 said...

Hi Shagufta,

I was recently sent a Slideshow basically containing the information that you available on this post. In order to check the validity of this research, I decided to obtain more information on Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed. Unfortunately, I have not been very successful.

I have not been able to find any further information except that Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed is a "Professor of Biological Sciences" and "Head of Food Radiation Department in Radiation Technology Center."

I need to know what university he teaches at or in what country he resides in? Anything that will prove that he is in fact a real person.

I would appreciate it if you could take some time and give a shot at finding some official credentials for Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed.
Thank you!

In Peace,

Shagufta said...

Hi Tagha,

I have started my research. Will let you know as soon as I make a breakthrough.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog.


Kaz said...


I have also been trying to research his creditionals before I forward the powerpoint on my email. I can find some facts about makkah being centre of earth (rather interesting I thought). But absoloutely nothing confirming him or his finding. To be honest it looks like one of those emails that was made up in a moment of excitement. Rather unfortunate as muslims can be deemed as fabricators.

Kaz said...


sorry for previous continued the research and it seems that the centre of earth for ka'baah also seems incorrect, anyone find anything, please share.


Shagufta said...

Dear friends,

Assalaam alaikum

When we have even one ounce of doubts in our hearts regarding the blessings of Allah and what He has planned for the believers, we will be compelled to find faults and mistakes and start to disbelieve good things we hear. And when we want to prove that Allah is Almighty and has great plans for us, sometime even a small incorrect belief which brings Glory to the Creator, might be proved right. Allah knows best! This is my belief.

Tagha38 was being rational when he wanted more information about the scientist.

Kaz, I appreciate your concern also that you were afraid Muslims could be termed as fabricators.

I was going slow on the research due to a hectic schedule and no time, but Kaz's comments that this is likely to be false, made me hasten my research even though I had found about the professor on the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority Web Page. I had written to his ID about a week back asking him if he was the same person. But wanted more points before I could respond. I started my search with an intention of proving this true, and Alhamdulillah came across this link :

Note : If I get more info on Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed or get a response to the mail I wrote, I will share the same with all.

Shagufta said...

Salaam friends,

Please check my latest post. Most of your queries will be solved.

Thanks for stopping by and asking me your doubts. This has helped and enlightened me also.

May Allah bless us all.