Thursday, June 14, 2007

Global Warming? Temparature's soaring high!

Everything seems to be warming up.... (rather hotting up) these days! The temperatures, including my body temperature. I am down with fever today. My eyes are burning. Now I've got to know what Global Warming actually means!!! When everything within and around you warms up, its nothing but Global Warming. Cudn't think of a better definition than this! :)

But not one to lie down and rest, I am bored already doing so since morning. Life is too short to be wasted is what I feel. Because those who do not get time know its worth. So I got onto the Net since can't go for a walk and do other work. I have so many things on my mind to write about. But I was on a Sabbatical from writing. Too stressed out with travelling (with railway work going on spoiling train schedules leading to more crowds and more travel time!) and also with the heat. Day by day the heat is increasing leading to health hazards. People are falling ill and not reporting to work. Reasons vary. Viral fever. Boils :) Loose motions. And now me. Down with fever and body ache. Even fought with a nice person about a very old issue today. Now feeling bad about it. I guess its not me but the temperature to blame. Health's feeling bad since yesterday afternoon leading to nightmares leading to sudden spoiling of health and non reporting to work today. As of now I can only write this.

But looking at the positive side, I am at home listening to Shivaji-The Boss songs as I type this, sharing sweet moments with Mom and Dad, writing this piece after long! Also we have a long awaited trip to the movies this Saturday after work- Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. And if people think that my sense of humour is wierd, then there are few more wierdos in our dept. And a pretty and jovial new female boss. And when humour meets humour, there's going to be a BLAST! Saturday, here I come!
PS : For those who want to hear SIVAJI songs too- here's the page link :


samurai said...

hi,hope u get well soon.the summers winding up over here in the south,there are rains in tn,but none in the last week in blore.

Shagufta said...

Yes, rains started finally yesterday evening... It took the rains 'my falling ill' to have pity on the poor Mumbai junta! Its cooler now! Of course, God couldn't see sweet me suffering from heat, na? ;)