Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wat a waste of time and money!

If JBJ is a movie, then all music video directors are movie directors too! Even the music videos these days have a theme and a storyline attached. But there's no story in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Its just song and dance! And whatever little story is in it, is senseless! And to think it was being compared to SIVAJI !!! All channels and newspapers were speculating on who's the Boss - Amitabh or Rajnikant and wondering whether JBJ or Sivaji will be a bigger hit!

SIVAJI is definately a hit! JBJ doesn't even star Amitabh, so what was the speculation all about? He just appears after every 15- 20 mins in peacock feathers to sing 'Udti udti akhiyon ke'. He's got no dialogue and isn't part of the cast. And people are flocking to see Sivaji-The Boss from across states. Since it's released in Mumbai first, people from other parts of Maharashtra are coming to Mumbai to see the movie. It's releasing on 22nd June in Pune, so true Rajni fans from Pune have booked one day flight tickets to Chennai and back to watch the movie! My Pune khabri (my bro) says that people have even done block booking and selling them off now. And people are ready to pay even Rs 1500 to watch it! Now's thats a superstar and that's what true fans are! And the movie is fultoo masala dhamaal and already a hit. I am tempted to watch it as well. Damn the language barrier!

JBJ songs are a hit, though. And music is cool! Its more like a costume musical. But it can't be called a musical too! I had seen 'The High School Musical' on Disney Channel recently, and I was thrilled. Apart from songs and wonderful dances, it had a sweet storyline and a moral too. But JBJ, naah! I am a music lover and enjoy good music and dance, thats why I could at least sit through the movie, but my colleagues were miffed! And the guys ran before it got over! Only the girls sat till the end! I enjoyed shopping at the Infinity Mall afterwards more than the movie.

Just a glimpse of the story - The film is about liars and glorifies all those who can lie and deceive to win guys and gals! (sic) Both the heroines of the film are Pakistani Muslims living in Britain. The guys are Punjabi mundas living there too! And there are no questions raised about nationality (Indian hindu and Paki muslim?) and religion when these couples fall in love and decide to get married! If only life was so easy!!!

But there's one saving grace of the movie - Lara Dutta ! She looks amazing and makes some sense! I always feel that she's got an Oriental look and appeal. Especially in the way she dresses on screen. Preity acts childish and talkative as usual. Though both look voluptuous and beautiful, Lara wins hands down! If it wasn't for her, the film wouldn't even look half as interesting!

Watch movie at own risk... don't repent later and say I didn't warn!


samurai said...

the review in the new indian express had a different opinion in contrast to all the other newspapers.

Shagufta said...

Damn it! I've never felt so hopeless after seeing any movie in my life. I see few selected ones... that too after checking the reviews. But this was second day, 3rd show! And tickets booked before release. We had got reviews in the morng. But 'twas too late!