Friday, June 15, 2007

Garam Zameen Par Thandi Boondein! Whatta relief!

Aakhir iss garm dharti par thandi boondein padh hi gayi !

Har taraf raahat hi raahat hai,

Zameen ko tapti sadkon se raahat.
Insaan ko paseene aur garmi se raahat.
Dhool, mitti aur gandi dhowaan se rahaat,
Raahat mili hai dil ko mitti ki khushboo se,
Raahat mili hai logon ko bimaariyon se.

Pedh par patte hain dhule huey,
Hare bharey aur khushi se khiley huey,
Phool hain khiley gulshan gulshan.
Mausam hua hai dhundla aur maddham.
Kya mit gaye hain saare gham?

Ab kami hai toh sirf chaahat ki.

Baarish mein bheegne ki chaahat,
Bheege mausam mein sulagne ki chaahat.
Barsaat mein ulajne ki chaahat,
Chaahat hai koi aaye barsaat mein.
Aur le jaye apne saath mein!

The above lines might not be some great Urdu poetry. Just a layman's (or call it laywoman's....) straightforward wishes from the heart. Actually, the last two lines were thought differently by me but this blog is visited by family, so made it more 'filmi' and safe (smiles).

Second day at home. But feeling better towards evening, especially with rains and a cooler weather. Not forgetting the medicines.


samurai said...

great photo,i ll try to read the poetry

Shagufta said...

Photo is not clicked but flicked! ;)

samurai said...

yeah,but where do u get ur photos,they r always good

Shagufta said...

sometimes on net... sometimes my own... requires research!

Sambhav said...

Just drifted in to your blog...

Very lucid and poetic thoughts. I am just reminded of a small poem by a late Urdu shaira - Parveen Shakir -, you might like these lines...

Mein kyon usko phone karoon
uske bhi to ilm mein hoga
is shub
mausam ki pehli baarish thi...

I am liking your blog.

Shagufta said...

Thanks Sambhav! Nice poetry... I appreciate Urdu poetry tho' my own thought process is angrezi! And thanx for stopping by!