Thursday, June 21, 2007

I want to Smile for myself

Smile coz the world wants you to,
Smile coz the world is beautiful too!
Smile coz others don't deserve your pain,
Smile coz sadness makes you insane;
Smile coz people like you that way,
Smile coz there's no other way!

But sometimes the smile wears off
The mask tears off
And tears just roll off !

How long can you pull off a facade?
A facade of hollow laughter
A smile because you hafta*
A mask of a happy face
Those stitches behind the pretty lace?

I want to live life
Not just drift through it.
I want life to move with me
Not me to move with it.

I want to be loved
Not just keeping loving.
I want to be cared for
Not just keep caring.
I want to be understood
Not just keep understanding.

I want to Smile coz life's no strain,
I want to Smile coz there's no pain,
I want to Smile coz of happiness,
I want to Smile coz there's no sadness.

For once I want to smile for myself

*hafta (eng slang/abbreviation for 'have to')


samurai said...

hi shagufta,urban ennui is reflected in ur poem,could u put a positive twist somewhere in the poem that promises surprises and like tha song of aerosmith i told u,tells about light at the end of the tunnel.
thatll make it a great poem,the poems a bit like grunge music,feeding on ennui.
i took a least deserved detour today and plans are haywire.

Shagufta said...

No urban ennui.... maybe suburban enuui ! :)
My poems and life generally move on with a smile, imagining that there's a tunnel on the other end, no matter what... but sometimes you have to sit down and reflect a bit and even think!
One can't be laughing all the time, else people will think u're crazy! Wot say?

samurai said...

laughing all the time sounds crazy

Shagufta said...

Yeah... thats the point! Makes me think of this - "Dashing thru the snow, In a one-horse open sleigh; O'er the fields we go, laughing all the way..." Oh how I'd love to to slide thru the snow! Ah!

samurai said...

its a privilege to be interacting with u,ur creativity and poetry are inspiring,but theres more of a negative tinge in ur poems,i dont know anything about poetry,but ive heard that poets need pain.
the rains will possibly change ur mood.

samurai said...

i think negative sounds rude,i meant downbeat

Shagufta said...

Hey, its ok. U don't have to tone down things.... I like straightforwardness. Its beating about the bush which I hate.. 'Negative' or 'Downbeat' doesn't matter. Maybe u're right. Maybe u're not. But the fact is that I was in severe physical pain since a week or more. Now better, thanks to docs. Yes, a right day to say Thanks to Docs on Doctor's Day! Dr Meghna Rajput, you rock (hope she sees this)!

Lisa said...

Just came across your poem today. I have to say it fits how I see the world and how I feel completely, absolutely.

The poem I wrote a couple weeks ago called Hope goes:
Glass half full,
Am I a fool?
I'm thirsty, I'm parched,
and in my hand,
A glass half full.

I have been craving for someone to understand/love/know/trust me. I just came to that notion, relatively recently, and I don't think there is much else in the world that has as much value. In the meantime, I'm happy, because I have so much treasure inside and I try not to think about how much more beautiful and happy I'd be to share it with someone and go romping through their goldmine too.

I love, love music too. Right now I'm really excited about R.E.M.'s new album...

I think this is the first personal blog I've ever commented on, forgive any blog faux paux.