Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stormy Sunday!

Look at these pics taken on Sunday, the 24th June, 2007.... the trees outside our window are more green and lush than the previous pic (in earlier post) taken on the onset of monsoons!

Sunday saw heavy rains and stormy weather with thunder and lightening in and around Mumbai. There was water-logging in many parts of Mumbai. Its was super cool and fun! Suddenly everything was back to normal on Monday. As if the rain also had better things to do than just thunder and light up and cause things to fly in the storm! All that 'dhamaal' was only for the weekend beginning Saturday evening!
From Monday onwards, climate's been changing after every 10 mins, which is bad! Suddenly it rains for a while, suddenly it stops while the weather's still cloudy but very humid causing all to sweat, then suddenly its sunny and hot! And just when you're wondering wat's happening, its cloudy again and a cool breeze is blowing, then the rains.... then again something out of the previous options! But this sort of climate is playing games with people's health as well!
But enjoy the rains while it lasts! And like Dad always says that Mumbai's monsoons are reserved for the weekends.... Its on rare cases when it rains like crazy on a week day!


samurai said...

another weekend of rains,hope alls fine

Shagufta said...

Yes, like I said earlier... In Mumbai we have weekend rains! Maybe its due to the prayers of the business class!