Sunday, October 14, 2007

On the Eve of Eid (13th Oct)

On the eve of EID (13th Oct), I went shopping with my brother for his kurta- chudidaar followed by dinner at Spenta (good restaurant at Singapore Plaza, Mira Rd) at 11 pm. The place and road were filled with people and there was illumination all around. People were shopping for last moment items like matching bangles, cosmetics etc. Apart from that some people were out for essentials for the next day- Milk, meat and stuff. The security near Shams Masjid (the main masjid in Naya Nagar) was tightened in the night, following the Ajmer blast. No vehicles, even bikes were allowed in the surrounding area.

Enjoyed late night dinner with Chinese chicken crispies, chicken fried rice and manchurian and finally with 'kesar kulfi'. Had a heavy meal in ages!

Thankfully, this year Eid day was unanimously agreed as 14th Oct, without any confusion about the sighting the moon (as it happens many times in India)!!!

(Pic : Illuminated Shams masjid)

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