Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Writers are .....

Most writers are soft hearted, soft spoken people. Sometimes too mild by nature, with no courage even to stand up for themselves! But most of the time you will find them standing up for others rights!

By writers I mean the real writers. Those who are into creative expressions like poems and who write to change society or rebel or make a point through their pens. Not who occasionally write and that too mostly about themselves. That's not a writer. That's noting down your life's experiences and personal expressions. A writer, as in, the creative person with the khadi kurta and jhola, as we would like to believe. But one needn't necessarily dress like that. Though you will still see the creativity in his/ her dressing even in comtemporary clothing!

But forget the dressing part. To understand a writer's personality, one should ask - What makes a person a writer ? A writer is mostly born out of a shy, timid person, who wants to say many things to the world but is not able to say much. Many shy children who are mostly by themselves, who have seen a lot pain or felt lonely in life at a young age develop a personality where things just keep piling up in their hearts. Those things which they have felt or experienced. Those things which they cannot speak out. Because coming from their mouths, it would not make sense to the world. Even neglected children slowly start becoming shy and loners. Neglection can arise out of anything. It could be short gap in the birth of the next sibling, resulting in losing attention of parents all too soon. It can arise out of working parents, with no time for their child. Unless the child is in the protection of other family members.

Apart from neglection, some factors like some shortfall in personality or looks, which often becomes a subject for others jokes, can leave a scar on a child. And the child tries to prove himself through other channels like studies, writing etc. There are also children of parents who restrict their children too much, forcing them to study and not allowing them to play or interact much with other chidren. These children also turn to be loners and less confident.

Most loners who never get to express their feelings and have a lot to say to the world, start to write. Many of them are those who talk less. Those who are bubbly and always talking, mostly speak their hearts out. And those who cannot do so, turn to rebellious writing to change the world or society around them. And thus is born a writer. But to be a writer one must be a thinker too. And many times it is also born of a person who is much mature beyond his age.

In short, a writer is born out of a shy, caring person wanting to change the world.

But its a different thing that slowly, slowly as people read his/ her writings and start appreciating and recognising it (if it's really praiseworthy), then the same writing which arose out of a shy person can slowly go on to make a confident personality of out him/ her. But whether he/she becomes more condifent or public savvy, the basic nature of a writer will always remain the same - soft spoken and caring and too emotional.

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