Sunday, March 18, 2007

Personal Choice

Through my scarf article (previous post) I've tried to convey a point.

There is a lot of bias against people, especially women, who prefer to cover themselves fully through their head gear, gowns (abaya)... whatever! Just like some people choose to be half clad or naked by their own choice, so also covering up is a personal choice! Why discriminate against them?

When I see men trying to take advantage of women on crowded stairs at the crowded Andheri station; when I stand in a huge crowd at the platform, with men halfway in the Ladies compartment area so that they can jump into the train, eyeing you from close quarters..... I feel like just wearing a mask or taking a big shawl over me! It's how you look at or perceive things!

Biases are formed due to half knowledge about something or hatred arising out of wrong information procured from somewhere. Biases turn into Hatred and too much hatred turns into War!

I see some ladies' reactions (in Ladies Compartment) on seeing a burkha clad female. How she is treated, tossed or seen with doubt about actually owning a First Class Pass!

People, wake up and act sensible ! And let people live their lives (and dress up) according to their choice!
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