Monday, March 12, 2007

Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd

I saw this movie last Sunday and liked it's simple, sweet and realistic approach.

It's about a few couples on a honeymoon package tour. Its about discovering your partner in the 'real' sense after marriage! How our expectations can crumble to pieces if we're not willing to adjust or compromise. It shows couple from different backgrounds of life, with different stories behind them trying to discover their spouses after marriages and how they end up being confused, understanding or plainly shocked !

I would not like to review the movie but the message that it sends across! In any relationship, there are bound to be little arguments because no two people (even though married) can think alike. Some people get into marriage or relationships for their personal benefit, forgetting what effect it would have on their partner.

But all in all, it speaks of adjustments and sweet-sour moments in relationships. It requires two super humans to make a relationship perfect! And we're all just humans !

PS : Kay Kay and Raima and the sweetest couple in the movie ! Two totally contrasting personalities (one shy and one outgoing, yet so much in love!). And 'Sajna di vaari vaari' is nice song to groove to!

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