Sunday, March 25, 2007

Keh do ke yeh jhoot hai!

''Keh do ke yeh jhoot hai!'' - This is how a one would have reacted in a Hindi movie if he/she would have heard of the Indian team losing out even before starting!

To the Indian cricket : World cup na sahi... yeh chai ka cup lelo aur wapas aakar garma garam chai peelo aur kaam par chalo... All your ad commitments are waiting to be completed!

When I posted my previous blog, the team was playing with Sri Lanka and Indians had dreams in their eyes!

Blame it on Ads or Greg or Dravid, the fact is that our team lacks focus. They are more interested in minting money these days. With the cricket board giving so many facilities to cricketers in India, including a govt job and a fixed salary of Rs 15 lacs p a, our players start losing focus on the game after securing a good position in the team. Then they act as 'management'. They delegate 'making runs' to the new joinees. After all, seniority naam ki bhi kuch cheez hoti hai!

Today, in News, I saw a man die of heart attack after India lost. His health was deteriorating with every loss of our team in World Cup and when it was completely out, he was out of this world!

Today I heard of people making lot of money because they had betted on India losing!

Today I saw sadness in the eyes of many cricket fans in office!

Today, the mails doing the rounds wherein the Indian captain tells the Pakistan captain to wait for another day so that they can leave together, have come true!

Today I saw fury in Indians' eyes

Today I saw a faint hope still there in Indian hearts, hoping against hope that Bermuda beats Bangladesh so that India stands a little chance! Are we living at the mercy of a country like Bermuda, whose support we took earlier also to make a great score!

Hoo ha India.... ha ha India!

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