Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cricket Man-ia?

Call it cricket mania or womania (thanks to Mandira!), it's all over the place

Last Saturday (which is comparatively a cooler day for me at work), our cricket comments in office were flowing like 'Second Innings' with us discussing the Pak team, the Indian team, who will win, joking over players etc. One of our colleagues referred to Afridi as 'Afridi sir' and we all could not stop pulling his leg over his comment! It was all in fun! I was just enjoying the talk adding a Mandira touch to it, not for my clothes but for the feminine effect (with funny liners) of someone who does not know much about the game! (Of course Mandy knows the game much much better than me!)

But the weekend changed so many things in cricket overnight! Pak's defeat to Ireland and Bob Woolmer's sudden death left everyone dumbfounded! It changed the history of cricket forever! People started talking more after that when India was to play against Bermuda saying 'Ab Greg Chappel ki baari hai!' And now as India was preparing to play against Sri Lanka, there have been cartoons of Indian captain telling the Pak captain, 'Wait for another day. We'll also come!'

Also heard on Monday, 19th on the platform while waiting for the train : One boy was telling another boy. 'At least Pak team ke log haarne par sharam se mar rahey hain ya resign kar rahey hain! Lekin Indian team itni besharam hai ki na toh koi marta hai aur na resign karta hai! (People from Pak team are dying of shame or quitting the game at this unexpected loss. But, we Indians, are shameless!)

Though I am not a cricket freak as such, but I am enjoying the cricket mania around me! The hero-to-zero-to-hero story of Sehwag, the loss against unexpected teams, the breaking of Dhoni's house, the burning of cricketers posters by angry mobs - just about everything! And I wish that India does all of us proud! Go India Go! Get it for us!

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