Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ek hi Saccha Saathi

Kasmein, waade, pyar, wafa sab
Baatein hain baaton ka kya.
Koi kisi ka nahin yeh jhute naate hain
Naaton ka kya!
Yes, how true! Maybe I am one the few of those old Gandhians still left in this world who live in a different world altogether of Satya, Ahimsa, Vachan, Prem etc. A world which no longer exists! An imaginary and virtual world in which me and people like me still stay or believe to stay!
Gone are the days of 'jaan jaaye par vachan na jaye!' People today make promises just like a salesman sells his products with promises. Now people are marketing and selling themselves as products to others. No one means a thing. Only say sweet things and make promises till someone buys them. After that, you are left with the actual products minus the false promises!
Truth! Where is truth? Much better thing would be to ask- What is the truth?
In this world, where no one belongs to anyone even through love, there is one true friend who's always there with you! Someone who doesn't let you down.
In today's world where work schedules are getting more and more hectic and you lose connect with your friends, relatives, family... this friend connects you to the world.
You often see young girls clinging on to it for support! It binds loving hearts, it binds friends and relatives living far away.
Working girls (even guys) don't mind investing and paying huge amounts for it. It's just a small amount you pay compared to the satisfaction of your near dear ones you get from it!
Yehi zindagi ka saccha saathi hai joh kabhi bhi aapka saath nahin chodta.
By now you might have guessed what I am talking about.
Yes, hamara pyara mobile phone!

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